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Tekken 8 Leak Shows Possible Fighters in Season 1 DLC

A Tekken 8 insider has revealed game data that points to the upcoming DLC fighters coming to the game this year.

A trusted Tekken 8 dataminer has revealed some possible clues at the DLC characters in Season 1. 

Ahead of Tekken 8's launch, Bandai Namco revealed that Eddy Gordo was going to be joining the roster as part of the first season pass. Now, a dataminer has some ideas as to what else is in store for Season 1. 

Who Is In the Tekken 8 Season 1 DLC?

A trusted leaker known as shootmans shared some information he found on Twitter. The same leaker is known for debunking and confirming earlier leaks during Tekken 8's Closed Network Test, which gives the following rumors a bit more plausibility. 

The first character will possibly be Craig Marduk from Tekken 4. This is the theory after shootmans saw Australia mentioned within Tekken 8's data. The Australian was an undefeated Vale Tudo champion before he became involved in a scandal that led to murder. 

The second possible character is Fakumram from Tekken 7. According to shootmans, there's data in Tekken's files that reference a Muay Thai fighter from Thailand, which coincides with Fakumram's backstory. 

The other rumored character that shootman believes will be in the Season 1 DLC is Lidia, also from Tekken 7. She is the only character from Poland so that's how he made that connection based on the data he uncovered. 

Craig Marduk Tekken 8 leak

When Is Anna Williams Coming to Tekken 8?

Based on all of the uncovered data, shootman speculated that rumored returning fighter Anna Williams won't be part of Season 1. The assassin has been rumored to be joining Tekken 8's roster but it seems that won't be happening until a later season. She will most likely be launched along with a fighter leakers are calling AK. 

It appears that each season is a year long in Tekken 8, meaning there won't be another round of DLC fighters in 2024. It will be a pretty long time until we see Anna Williams, most likely in 2025.