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The Big House 11 — How to Watch the Super Smash Bros. Major

The Big House is back this weekend. One of the most iconic Smash tournaments is coming and you can watch all of the action from home. Here’s how.
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The Big House 11 is coming this weekend. The LAN event is being held in Detroit, Michigan and will feature top players from Melee and Ultimate duking it out for glory. There will also be arcade games, tabletop games, and other fun activities for attendees.

In the past, the Smash community has seen crazy rivalries form at Big House 11 as well as watched top players in intense final matches. Last year saw Masaya “aMSa” Chikamoto take first in Melee with Red Yoshi, beating Mang0, Cody Schwab, and Zain. Over in Ultimate, Team Liquid’s Michael "Riddles" Kim used Kazuya to power through Light, Onin, and Tweek in the top four.

This is most definitely an event to watch this weekend.

Melee Players to Watch at Big House 11

The Melee community is especially amped for Big House 11, which will feature all of the top players in the world in one place. Many are saying that this event will decide who is the best Melee player in the world right now. Here are the contenders.

  • Zain - Relatively new to the scene but has already proven himself as the current top player with his Marth play. He recently won Smash Con among other major events.
  • Cody Schwab - This incredible Fox player has been dealing with some tough personal issues but that hasn’t stopped him from continuing to show his consistent domination.
  • Leffen - He may get haters for his controversial takes and online drama, but Leffen is also an incredible player that is hard to beat once he gets in some practice outside of Sweden.
  • Plup - After winning CEO in 2022 and 2023, Plup has continued to have a powerful comeback with his scary Sheik and Fox play.
  • Jmook - The first player to win a supermajor with Sheik, Jmook has quickly risen as one of the strongest contenders at events he attends.
  • Mang0 - While he can be a bit salty, Mang0 is a forever favorite due to his consistent dominance and just-rolled-out-of-bed demeanor.
  • Wizzrobe - His Captain Falcon is incredibly deadly and is bringing him to the top of the SSBMRank. He recently took second at CEO and Riptide 2023 and is looking to get a major win.
  • Hungrybox - This Jigglypuff main has continued to prove why the Five Gods of Melee are still relevant and he’s fighting to get back into the top three.
  • aMSa - The Red Yoshi from Japan is quickly proving that he’s a top player. He won Big House last year and has a bunch of other majors under his belt.
  • Moky - One of the best Fox players in the world, moky is repping Moist Esports. 

How to Watch The Big House 11

You can watch the Melee and Ultimate action on Twitch thanks to Beyond the Summit. The Melee competition can be watched here and this is where you can tune into Ultimate. High-profile matches between top players that don’t make it onto the stream will also be turned into VODs on the Beyond the Summit YouTube channel.

There’s a bit of confusion since Beyond the Summit was one of many Smash esports-related organizations that stated it was shutting down. It’s more than likely they have contracts to fulfill or that they are open to streaming on their channel despite the company itself going under.

The Big House 11 Schedule

Starting on October 20, you can tune into the stream to watch Melee Singles. On Saturday, October 21, Singles Phase 2 begins at 2 PM EST. Ultimate Singles Phase 2 begins at the same time.

When is The Big House 11 Top 8?

Melee Top 8 begins on Sunday, October 22 at 2 PM EST. Ultimate Top 8 will be on Sunday at 6 PM EST.

TBH stream schedule

Check out the entire schedule here