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Yasuo Revealed as Playable Character in Project L

Yasuo is the 4th playable character available on the Evo build for Project L

Project L made a huge splash last week as Riot Games gave fighting game fans the biggest look into its tag team fighting game so far. At the time, the developer announced that four characters would be playable at Evo with the fourth remaining a mystery. We now know that fourth character is Yasuo.

Yasuo's inclusion in Project L comes as little surprise. He is one of the most popular and iconic League of Legends champions, having appeared in multiple trailers throughout the years. His abilities are also tailor-made for a fast-paced fighting game, fulfilling the all-important archetype of "guy with sword". 

Yasuo's Moveset in Project L

A 4-minute character reveal trailer from Riot showed a number of his abilities. As expected, the swordsman has long normals that can safely poke at opponents. His "E" in LoL is represented by a dash-through ability that creates powerful crossup opportunities. His air dash can travel multiple directions, dealing damage along the way.

Yasuo's first assist appears to be a parry that blocks incoming damage and his tornado projectile seems to knock opponents airborne for a combo setup. He can also block projectiles with his iconic wind wall.

His Super is a cinematic flurry of slashes that even cuts through the moon

Twitter will no doubt be filled with combo clips all weekend as fans get their hands on Project L for the first time on the Evo show floor.