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Fortnite Chapter 5 Season 1 — What to Expect

Fortnite is entering a huge new era on December 2. The Big Bang overhauls the map, introduces new characters like Peter Griffin, and excites old and established players alike

Fortnite OG is reaching an end. But that doesn’t mean Chapter 5 Season 1 isn’t going to hype players up. Patch notes and leaks have revealed a lot of exciting content to come. Here’s what to expect.

When Is Chapter 5 Season 1?

The Big Bang event is coming later today, December 2. This will be followed by some downtime before Chapter 5 Season 1 is released. IT will go live on December 3 at 3 AM PST. That’s when we will get the full patch notes.

Here’s what has been confirmed:

  • Moving train
  • Lamborhini and Rocket League vehicles
  • Wall climbing
  • Return of hurdling
  • Weapon modifications
  • Grapple blade item
  • Peter Griffin
  • Solid Snake
  • LEGO game mode
  • Rocket Racing game mode
  • Rhythm game mode
Fortnite Chapter 5 trailer

Moving Train Coming to Fortnite Map

It’s been confirmed that a moving train will be added to the battle royale island. You can ride it while capturing loot and fighting enemies as well as jumping between train carriages. Leakers are saying there is a Capture the Train objective as well.

Lamborghini on Its Way

Speaking of transportation, Fortnite is bringing Lamborghini car models to the island. Aside from this luxury sports car, Fortnite will also be getting Octane from Rocket League. Players should also be on the lookout for new SUVs.

Wall Climbing and Movement Changes

Trusted leakers have been pointing at wall climbing for a while and an official trailer finally showed wall climbing in Chapter 5 Season 1. Players will be able to run towards walls and scale them.

Hurdling is also returning despite being disabled at the beginning of Chapter 4.

Weapon Attachments and Modifications in Fortnite

Leakers have been discussing the addition of weapon mods for quite some time. It looks like it will finally happen in Chapter 5 Season 1. The attachments will be fully interchangeable, including magazines, optics, muzzles, sights, and foregrips.

Grapple Blade Gameplay

The Chapter 5 Season 1 trailer showed off the new Grapple Blade item. You’ll be able to aim it at far-off walls and buildings, using it for fast aerial movement similar to Spider-Man. You can also use the Grapple Blade to attack enemies with a close-range blade. Other new weapons include grenades.

Peter Griffin and Solid Snake Debut in Fortnite

Peter Griffin in Fortnite

It’s been confirmed that two new crossovers are coming to Fortnite. In Chapter 5 Season 1, players will be able to duel and build as Peter Griffin from Family Guy and Solid Snake from Metal Gear Solid.

But it’s not the Peter Griffin you may have expected. No, the trailer showed a super buff Peter Griffin that puts The Rock to shame. You’ll also be able to use the Bird is the Word emote for extra chaos.

The Battle Pass also has outfits and other cosmetics upon release. There’s also a hint at a Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles collaboration later on, which is not all too surprising after the turtle teens showed up in other games.


LEGO Mode Coming to Fortnite

There will be three new game modes, according to hints during the Big Bang event teaser. One is a LEGO mode in collaboration with LEGO that lets you create your character and journey into an open world. The Rocket Racing mode in collaboration with Rocket League is also heavily anticipated. Then there is Rhythm, a music-focused minigame that makes you press certain buttons in specific patterns to popular music tracks.