Fortnite: How to Get & Use Boogie Bombs

The Fortnite character utilized the Boogie Bomb, forcing other players to dance.
The Fortnite character utilized the Boogie Bomb, forcing other players to dance. /

Fortnite is constantly giving you new opportunities that enhance your experience with the game and keep things exciting. These include the World Cup, as well as new skins, new challenges, new weapons, and more. Then there are the highly anticipated items that the developers tease the player base with. Once it is finally released from the vault, it feels like a game changer.

This is the case with the Boogie Bombs. The Boogie Bombs have been long awaited to enter in the game. These rare items can be the difference between getting the kill rather than just damaging the enemy.

How to Get Boogie Bombs

The Boogie Bomb is about to hit another player and make them dance.
A Boogie Bomb is flying through the air in Fortnite looking for a player to hit and force to dance for 5 seconds. /

Looting is the best way to find the Boogie Bomb but there are 3 main ways to find this item. Be sure to thoroughly inspect items you find throughout the map as they can be easily mistaken for other items due to their color scheme.

  • Inside of chests
  • In supply drops
  • Laying randomly on the ground around the map

How to Use Boogie Bombs

The effects of the Boogie Bomb in Fortnite is to dance.
The Fortnite player threw a Boogie Bomb making another player dance for 5 seconds. /

You will use the Boogie Bombs as a grenade. You can throw them by using the target button to aim then the fire button to shoot it. You're basically doing the same as you would if you were shooting any other weapon.

When players get hit by these bombs, they will be unable to fire weapons, sprint, crouch, build, or use items at all for approximately 5 seconds. Not only will they be unable to function properly, but they will be forced to perform a specific dance that is attached to the Boogie Bomb. Therefore, this bomb can clearly give you the advantage towards your enemies.

Keep in mind that this item can be used on not only your enemies but yourself and teammates, so it is crucial you are careful when using it. If your target has been injured during their dance, the affect my last less than 5 seconds. This item has placed back in the game for Season 3 of Chapter 5 but it is not permanent, so be sure to take advantage of it while you can.

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