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LEGO Fortnite Players Can Now Create Their Own Islands

Get ready for brand new LEGO adventures in Fortnite. Developers have introduced the ability to create entire LEGO islands through UEFN.

LEGO Fortnite arrived on the scene as a survival mode that allowed gamers to escape from the battle royale grind to craft vehicles and grow crops. But with the latest update, players can now create entire LEGO islands. 

Fortnite developers have been hard at work bringing an entirely new experience to the ever-popular LEGO Fortnite game mode. At the Game Developers Conference earlier today, the Fortnite team presented the opportunity for gamers to create their own LEGO islands in Creative Mode using the Unreal Editor for Fortnite (UEFN). 

LEGO Fortnite Players Can Now Create Their Own Islands

LEGO Fortnite fans can now create their own games and experiences for other gamers to take part in. They simply have to use existing LEGO assets to make their own island, which can include a variety of gameplay options from obstacles to treasure hunts to sims. 

While there weren't a lot of mentioned limitations, it should be noted that the rating o the island must be no higher than E10. This means your island will have to be kid-friendly and void of gameplay that focuses on guns. 

LEGO Fortnite islands

To give LEGO Fortnite players some ideas, developers have shared their own island concepts. This includes:

  • LEGO Prop Hunt - A hide-and-seek style game where players are disguised as inanimate objects
  • LEGO Battle Arena - Ninjago fighting
  • LEGO Cat Island Adventure - Complete quests for NPC cats 

There are a few other islands you can try out as well, first introduced in February. They can all be found in the LEGO Islands tab in-game. 

If you need further help creating an island, the developers have provided templates so you can have a foundation when you start. 

Through the Fortnite Island Creator Program, gamers will be able to earn money if their LEGO Island is popular enough. Islands with enough engagement will become eligible.