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Hearthstone News and Announcements from Blizzcon 2023: Showdown in the Badlands, Duos

Showdown in the Badlands expansion headlines a packed Blizzcon 2023 announcement

Hearthstone Announces New Expansion Showdown in the Badlands at Blizzcon 2023

  • The next expansion set for Hearthstone is themed after the Wild West and is called Showdown in the Badlands.
  • The Showdown in the Badlands expansion is set to launch on November 14th.
  • A new play mode called Battlegrounds Duos lets you team up with friends and battle using shared health pools and cards.

As Hearthstone celebrates its 10th anniversary, fans have even more reasons to get excited with the announcement of Showdown in the Badlands. The next expansion set for the online TCG launches soon on November 14th.

Hearthstone: Showdown in the Badlands

Catch up packs coming to Hearthstone

The next expansion set for Hearthstone is a Wild West themed set titled Showdown in the Badlands. The story and campaign mode features two heroes, an outlaw and lone ranger who will need to team up in order to stop whatever sinister plot the townsfolk are up to.

New Play Mode: Battlegrounds Duos

A new play mode is being introduced that will allow players to team up with, instead of against their friends in Battlegrounds. Battlegrounds Duos will have players sharing a health pool and even allowing them to share cards between their hands.

New Catch Up Packs

Finally, the last big announcement for Hearthstone is the new Catch Up Packs. These Catch Up Packs are exactly what they sound like, ways for returning or new players to complete and finish out collections of older sets.

Instead of just a regular, random 5-card pack the Catch Up Packs will have up to 50 cards inside of them and will be from the sets included in the last 2 years of Hearthstone expansions.