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Arcane Character Ambessa Medarda Is Coming to League of Legends

A new champion is coming to League of Legends but you may already recognize her.

Riot Games has announced that Ambessa Medarda is entering the Rift. This is a character from the Netflix series Arcane, but she will soon become a playable champion in-game. While many champions from League of Legends have appeared in Arcane, Ambessa is the first character from Arcane to join the MOBA roster.

Who Is Ambessa Medarda in Arcane?

Ambessa arcane season 1

Ambessa Medarda is a Noxian warlord and Mel Medarda’s estranged mother. She played a big role in Arcane Season 1 since she was the one to send Mel to Piltover. This made Ambessa and the Medarda family significantly intertwined with the city.

Ambessa is revealed in the final act of Season 1 although she’s been doing a lot behind the scenes the entire show. In that last scene, we question Mel’s fate and are unsure if she survived Jinx’s attack. Ambessa is sure to play a big role in Season 2, since there will most likely be a big, terrifying war between Piltover and Zaun.

With her stoic presence and intense appearance, Ambessa was definitely an unforgettable character in the show. It’s hard to forget when she threatened to “set the world ablaze” to protect her family. It will be interesting to see what she’s like on the Summoner’s Rift but we expect her to be quite aggressive since she never showed any mercy in the show.

When Is Ambessa Medarda Coming to League of Legends?

Riot has not revealed when Ambessa Medarda is coming to League of Legends just yet.

Meanwhile, the community is hype. Top team Team Liquid sounded excited to hear that Arcane is cannon to League of Legends lore and Fnatic added that it loved the show. Cloud9 begged for more Arcane-related things in Leauge of Legends.

Some simply said: “Mother.”

A lot of fans are excited to see how Ambessa will fit into the meta and what her playstyle will be like. Others wondered how she would interact with other characters since she’s such a ruthless character in the show.

A lot of League of Legends fans also believed that the announcement was a way to distract from the disappointment many felt over Smolder, a young dragon champion that was recently revealed. Apparently not many players liked Smolder for his youthful and cute appearance, begging Riot for a more monster-like creature.