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Riot Games has been creating a handful of games, both video games and board games, inspired by League of Legend’s lores and champions. One of the most anticipated has been CONV/RGENCE, a 2D platformer where you get to play as Ekko as he attempts to keep his city safe from evil.

The game was announced quite a while back, leaving fans wondering when it would finally drop. And now we know!

When Is CONV/RGENCE Coming Out?

We finally have a release date for CONV/RGENCE! It’s coming out May 23, 2023.

That’s later this month! Fans were quite shook by the announcement earlier today since it was initially believed to be coming later this summer. The game is now just over 20 days away from launching.

You’ll be able to purchase CONV/RGENCE on Nintendo Switch, PlayStation, Xbox, Steam, and Epic Games.

CONV/RGENCE screenshot

Piltover as seen in CONV/RGENCE


Developed by Riot Forge, CONV/RGENCE is a stylish 2D platformer that stars a time traveler named Ekko. He gathers some friends to protect their city against evil after getting a warning from his future self.

The newest trailer has shown a vibrant and colorful platform world that looks almost comic book-like in nature. It looks like Ekko has a lot of mobility-based abilities that allow him to jump faster and further through levels that are both cityscapes and within the wilderness.

“I’m trying to save both of our cities from a disastrous fate,” he says in the trailer before being met face-to-face with a monstrous wolf-like demon.



Riot Forge announced CONV/RGENCE back in 2021 along with an adventure game called Song of Nunu. Both games were initially set to launch last year but needed a bit more polish. Riot Forge is also the force behind Hextech Mayhem and Ruined King as Riot continues to dive deeper into League of Legend’s heavy lore.

Fans applauded Riot Forge for CONV/RGENCE after seeing the trailer, excited by the visuals as well as some familiar faces in Warwick, Camille, Jinx, and Ekko. Seeing these champions in a distant future is interesting for long-time fans of the fantasy MOBA, especially Ekko.

Only time will tell how fans actually enjoy the game when it comes out.