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Every June, Riot celebrates Pride Month in League of Legends. This year is no different, with pride-themed cosmetics coming out just days from now — and some champions coming out as well.

Patch 13.11 Brings Pride Event Cosmetics

Patch 13.11 releases on June 1, 2023, just in time for Pride Month. Pride Month is dedicated to the celebration and commemoration of lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender pride. This month-long celebration started all the way back in 1969 after the Stonewall riots and gay liberation protests.

League of Legends players can represent LGBTQIA+ pride in-game with special cosmetics. This year, there’s a pride banner available that will feature Caitlyn, Vi, Neeko, Graves, Twisted Fate, and K’Sante. K’Sante and Vi are also getting pride-themed emotes. 

All of the above champions identify as queer. The most recent addition is K’Sante, K’Sante who has identified as gay since he was released last year. He is also the first champion to have their orientation prominently displayed in-game.

A big part of K’Sante’s backstory revolves around his ex. This is a big change from how Riot previously handled LGBTQ+ champions, which was to just briefly mention this part of their life.

Now, fans are waiting to see what icons will pop up.

Other previews have shown the return of Pengu Pride profiles and the rainbow Homeguard animation for anyone using a Pride profile picture.

How Much Will Pride Content Cost in LoL?

Previous Pride Month content cost 1 Blue Essence. This makes the content pretty cost-effective, allowing anyone to rep their Pride all month long.

No cost has been announced this year, but League of Legends players should expect a similar cost.

So far, Riot Games hasn’t announced anything else about Pride Month 2023. League of Legends players will have to wait for the specifics when it comes to cosmetics and cost.