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G2 qualify for MSI 2023 Bracket stage after PSG Talon match

  • G2 vs PSG Talon League League match for a ticket to MSI 2023 Bracket stage.
  • G2 beat PSG Talon to qualify for MSI 2023 Bracket stage
  • When will G2 play next at MSI 2023?
  • How can PSG Talon qualify for the MSI 2023 Bracket Stage?

The G2 MSI jersey buff is genuine, as the villains of the LEC have booked their ticket to the MSI 2023 Bracket Stage after their 2-0 sweep over PSG Talon.

Heading into this series, many eyes were on G2 to become the second team after Bilibili Gaming to qualify for the MSI 2023 Bracket Stage. The only uncertainty in it was how dominant they would be in doing so.

G2 looking strong ahead of MSI 2023 Bracket Stage

G2 Esports MSI joker jersey

G2 MSI Jersey at MSI 2023.

Game one was a relatively close battle between both G2 and PSG Talon. Both the gold and the kills were even between both teams at the 33-minute mark. However, a solid fight from G2 left PSG Talon helped the LEC #2 seed snowball their lead to a game-one victory.

Game two was all about G2 ESports as they looked refined and polished in their second game against PSG Talon. G2 top laner Sergen “Brokenblade” Çelik was unstoppable on Olaf against PSG Talon, as his constant presence in the team fights led G2 to the MSI 2023 Bracket stage.

What’s next for G2 and PSG at MSI 2023?

With this victory, G2 has qualified for the MSI 2023 Bracket Stage and will play its next set of games starting on May 9. It is currently undetermined who their first opponent will be in the MSI 2023 Bracket stage, though this new and improved form from G2 Esports is a good sign they could make a deeper run in the tournament.

With G2 and BLG’s qualifications for the MSI 2023 Bracket Stage, there is only one spot left for the MSI 2023 Play-In teams to make it to that next stage. That road is still possible for PSG Talon, though it means they must win two best-of-three series to reach the MSI 2023 Bracket Stage.

What is the MSI 2023 schedule?

MSI 2023 Play-In Stages will occur from May 2-7, where three Play-In teams will round out an eight-team MSI 2023 Bracket Stage. That portion of MSI 2023 will begin on May 9, 2023.

MSI 2023 is streamed live through Riot Games’ Twitch and YouTube channels. Additionally, check out our article on League of Legends Patch 13.8 for the MSI update.