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Today was a back-and-forth affair between the third-seeded 100 Thieves and the sixth-seeded Golden Guardians as both teams sought to extend their postseason just a little longer.

Heading into this series Golden Guardians had been on a tumble downward following their seven-game winning streak midway through the LCS 2023 Spring Split regular season. Since that streak, Golden Guardians have gone 2-5 and lost their stronghold on the fourth-place position in the regular season standings.

As for 100 Thieves, they came into the postseason on a seven-game winning streak with many expectations that their end-of-the-split excellence would translate to the postseason. However, that did not carry over into the postseason as they fell to FlyQuest 3-0.

Both teams battled back and forth until the series was brought to a final game five where the tempo was towards the side of 100 Thieves at first. 

Throughout the first 20 minutes of the game, 100 Thieves dominated the early game against Golden Guardians. However, to the surprise of many, Golden Guardians were able to start their comeback around both the baron and dragon pits. First, it began with their ability to rush down the baron before the team pathed towards the dragon pit. 

There, they surrounded 100 Thieves around the dragon pit as Gori flanked 100 Thieves on K’sante. While 100 Thieves had a lead in kills, Golden Guardians finally grabbed hold of the gold lead. This ultimately led to Golden Guardians capitalizing on this newly gained tempo advantage as they swarmed top lane and landed an ace onto 100 Thieves.

Ultimately, that was enough for Golden Guardians to put a stop to the rockets as 100 Thieves became the first team eliminated from the LCS 2023 Spring Split postseason.

100 Thieves’ LCS 2023 Spring Split has officially come to a bittersweet end. While it seemed that the team would eventually regain their form following their loss to FlyQuest in the first round of playoffs, things never panned out for the team as their regular season did not translate to the playoffs. They will now look towards the offseason as the team prepares for the LCS 2023 Summer Split, with hopes that they can improve upon this performance.

As for Golden Guardians, this is a major win for the LCS team. With this win, Golden Guardians have officially eclipsed their previous LCS split-best of 5th-6th place as they move forward into the top four of the LCS 2023 Spring Split playoffs. Now, they will await the winner of the CLG/Evil Geniuses Lower Bracket matchup to see if they can qualify for LCS finals weekend in Raleigh, North Carolina.

The Golden Guardians’ series against CLG/Evil Geniuses will take place on Thursday, Mar. 29, 2023. For now, the Golden Guardians will be paying close attention to tomorrow’s series between CLG and Evil Geniuses tomorrow, Mar. 25, 2023.