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League of Legends: Immortals' Revenge on the LCS 2023 Spring Split

Immortals top laner Revenge weighs in on the team's ninth place finish and his own personal performances in 2023.
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It was an underwhelming split for Immortals in the League of Legends LCS 2023 Spring Split. While expectations were low for this team going into the season, there were rumblings of their own individual potential to be a dark horse this split. In some moments, Immortals looked like a team that could compete within the top five. Other moments saw the team crumble against teams that they needed to grab wins against. In the end, Immortals LCS 2023 Spring Split ended with a 4-14 regular season record and now look towards the LCS 2023 Summer Split for better results moving forward.

Yet, even through the team’s rough showings, Immortals top laner Mohamed “Revenge” Kaddoura has been a major bright spot this year for the team. For Revenge, this is his third year in the LCS, all spent under the Immortals banner. While his LCS tenure has been rocky, this year showcased just how high his ceiling could be.

In this interview, we spoke to Revenge to talk about Immortals’ underwhelming LCS 2023 Spring Split performance and his thoughts on his own growth as a player this season.

How to watch LCS 2023 Spring

Viewers will be able to tune into the LCS 2023 Spring Split through the LCS Twitch and YouTube channels.