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Worlds Unlocked features three limited edition packages that include multiple curated products that are meant to be collectibles. A lot of these items are exclusive and one-of-a-kind, only available during Worlds. After Finals wraps up, Worlds Unlocked packages will be gone.

Worlds Unlocked Collector’s Edition

This edition is for “League of Legends esports diehards.” These are fans who have been watching since 2011 and are passionate about the game and its top players. This edition includes:

  • Teemo Figure: This vinyl figure has the iconic champ wearing a ton of Worlds 2023 merch
  • Worlds Tibbers: This adorable teddy bear has a sweet Worlds jacket that sets it apart from other stuffed animals
  • Worlds Cap: This hat has the “The Grind, The Glory” theme
  • Worlds Pin: These themed pins are perfect for backpacks, clothing, and more
  • Digital Items: 2023 Worlds Event Pass, base Renekton champ, 2023 Worlds Renekton skin, exclusive Worlds Unlocked Renekton chroma, exclusive Worlds Unlocked Runeterra Gothic icon, exclusive Worlds Unlocked AWESOME! emote, exclusive Worlds Unlocked Kiss the Ring emote, unvaulted Worlds skin capsule

This edition is going for $125.


Worlds Unlocked Digital Edition

This edition is for hardcore League of Legends players who want to show off their passion for Worlds in-game. This is all digital items:

  • 2023 Worlds Event Pass
  • Base Renekton champ
  • 2023 Worlds Renekton skin
  • Exclusive Worlds Unlocked Renekton chroma
  • Exclusive Worlds Unlocked Runeterra Gothic icon
  • Exclusive Worlds Unlocked AWESOME! emote
  • Exclusive Worlds Unlocked Kiss the Ring emote
  • Unvaulted Worlds skin capsule

This edition is $65.

Riot Games has not disclosed the exact amount of product available for both the Collector’s Edition or the Digital Edition. But keep in mind that both are limited in availability.

Here is where to purchase Worlds Unlocked merch.