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The Events Queen of Twitch: QTCinderella

This is the story behind QTCinderella's drive to redefine the streaming space and create more opportunities to connect
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From streaming the gaming industry’s most popular games to hosting events like the Streamer Awards, QTCinderella is one of the hardest-working and well-versed individuals in the streaming space.

However, the one thing that drives QTCinderella’s passions and endeavors more than anything else stems from the community.

From hosting influencer beyblade battles to luxury night celebrations at The Streamer Awards, QTCinderella has built a catalog of various events that have transformed the streamer space.

One of QTCinderella’s most recent activations came in the form of the AT&T Roadshow.

“AT&T initially reached out to me about this opportunity saying they would love to set something up which was flattering,” QTCinderella shared. “We threw out a bunch of different ideas and eventually came up with an idea centered around Las Vegas since we would all be there for TwitchCon.”

The AT&T roadshow allowed fans to view the Las Vegas strip in full as the entire stream featured some of the city's popular tourist attractions.

“Being able to see the strip and having all those magicians and mentalists there with us was a unique experience to have with your friends,” QTCinderella said.

Following the events of the AT&T roadshow, fans were able to catch QTCinderella at the AT&T booth present at TwitchCon 2023 where they were also able to partake in a number of various activations and activities present at the booth.

Prior to her days as a streamer, QTC was a wedding cake maker and interior designer where she would help clients fulfill their own dreams.

While her current line of work is vastly different as a streamer, the aspects centered around community and connection still stand.

“There’s something unique about AT&T and the whole idea of connection because that’s what everything is about at the end of the day,” QTCinderella said. “It’s all about bringing people together to connect like that in a different state. It was really fun and very wholesome.”

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