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Disney Lorcana Set 3 Has Been Confirmed — Here's What We Know

In a recent press release, Ravensburger confirmed that Disney Lorcana: Set 3 is already in the works. Here’s what we know about Set 3 so far.

Ravensburger recently announced that Disney Lorcana is expanding to 10 new countries in 2024. In the same press release, it was stated that the new countries would be getting Disney Lorcana when Set 3 drops, confirming a new set after Rise of the Floodborn.

When Is Disney Lorcana: Set 3 Coming Out?

According to the press release, Set 3 is coming in “early 2024.”

No exact date was given, but this most likely means any time between January and March, the first quarter of the new year.

Disney Lorcana set 3 is happening

What Is Set 3 Called?

Unfortunately, no name was given to the third set in Disney Lorcana. So far, the sets have been called:

  • Set 1: The First Chapter
  • Set 2: Rise of the Floodborn

Before the name of Set 2 was revealed, a lot of fans worried that it would be called The Second Chapter, which didn’t feel that creative. Instead, Ravensburger named Set 2 after a certain type of card in the game, furthering the lore behind the TCG with more story information and cards to match.

This means that Set 3 will most likely have another whimsical name that has to do with the ever-expanding story behind the card game. It will be interesting to see what new mechanics and gameplay strategies emerge as new cards continue to come out.

What Do We Know About Set 3 Cards?

The biggest downer right now is that we know nothing about the individual cards that are in Set 3. All we know from the press release is that they will be available in more than a dozen countries in early 2024, and have multiple languages.

For now, Disney Lorcana fans will have to anxiously await more information to be leaked and confirmed about Set 3. But if we know anything about the curious and scrappy TCG community, we’ll definitely find out more very soon.