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All New Cards Revealed in Disney Lorcana: Rise of the Floodborn

Disney Lorcana’s next set, Rise of the Floodborn, is making a huge splash in the trading card game community. Ravensburger has revealed a few of the cards we can expect and it’s looking like the meta is getting shaken up come December.
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Rise of the Floodborn is coming with over 200 new cards, revolving around the concept of floodborns and the chaos they cause in the Great Illusionary and beyond. The set is also introducing a new mechanic, Resist, which will reduce damage done to certain attacked characters.

The most excitement, however, has been around some of the new cards that have been revealed from Rise of the Floodborn. These cards not only feature Disney-related scenes that have collectors drooling but have introduced some interesting new abilities to the competitive side of Lorcana that are sure to change how the game is played.

Here are the cards revealed and introduced so far.

Mickey Mouse — Friendly Face

This powerful card is all about gathering lore as fast as possible. Once you are able to get this six-cost card down, Mickey can quest for three lore every turn. And when you quest, Mickey will also activate the Glad You’re Here ability, which lets you pay three less ink for the next character you play that same turn.


Elsa — Gloves Off

This was another character card first revealed in the Disney Lorcana Disney 100 Collectors Edition Set. This aggressive character is all about dealing massive damage to enemy characters. It will definitely have great synergy with the other powerful Elsa cards from the first set.

The Queen — Commanding Presence

This character card features the villain from Snow White but in true floodborn fashion there’s a twist — she’s now the queen. You can even pay two ink to play this card on top of any other character card called The Queen. On top of that, Who Is the Fairest allows you to reduce an enemy character’s attack by four and raise up an ally’s challenge by four when you quest.

Belle — Hidden Archer

Another floodborn, this badass card has the usual bookish Belle hiding up in a tree with a bow. With Thorny Arrows, you can demand the other player discard their entire hand if they dare to challenge Belle—Hidden Archer. This is just one of many hand disruption cards in the new set.

Gaston — Intellectual Powerhouse

Gaston, an intellectual? This could only be the handiwork of the floodborn. With Developed Brain, you can look at the top three cards of your deck when you play this card. Put one of the cards into your hand and put the rest at the bottom of your deck in any order. On top of that, Gaston can get three lore when he quests, meaning he’s maybe more of a quester than a fighter for once.


Winnie the Pooh — Hunny Wizard

This beautiful artwork shows Winnie controlling a giant beehive full of sweet, sweet honey. Instead of his usual red shirt, he’s wearing a dramatic cape. Winnie the Pooh does five damage and has five willpower.

Tiana — Celebrating Princess

This dreamborn hero is a princess card with magical artwork. It has such a powerful image of Tiana done in a very unique art style. Tiana also has a very exciting ability called What You Give is What You Get. If she is exerted and you have no cards in your own hand, your opponent can’t play any actions. This is yet another focus on enemy disruption in the new set.

Cinderella — Stouthearted


This floodborn has Cinderella looking like a badass in full armor. It’s an extremely powerful card whether you choose to challenge or quest. Cinderella has the new Resist ability, which reduces damage dealt to her by two. On top of that, Cinderella has The Singing Sword, which lets you challenge with her whenever a song is played by you.

The Sorcerer’s Spellbook


This item has an all-new mechanic. It’s the first item in Lorcana to gain lore for you. If you pay one ink you can gain one lore. A lot of players have already stated that they may add one or two as a tech in their deck. 

Zero to Hero 


This song card is quite interesting. The number of characters you have in play will determine how much you can reduce the ink cost of the next character you play this turn. 

Dinner Bell 


This item lets you draw cards equal to the damage on chosen characters of yours for two ink. After, you have to banish the characters you picked. 

Raya - Warrior of Kumandra 


This artwork is awesome, showing Raya in a very intense pose with a flowing cape and glowing sky behind her. The card itself is pretty strong, attacking for 5. 

Merlin - Shapeshifter 


This classic character has Battle of Wits, an ability that lets a character get one more lore when they quest if another character is returned to your hand from play. This is yet another card focused on interacting with each other's boards.