Marvel Rivals Gets Two New Characters Ahead of Closed Beta

Get ready to swing into the action as Venom or electrify the battlefield as Adam Warlock.

Marvel Rivals is coming to PlayStation 5 with an exclusive Spider-Man skin for the console. But that wasn't all we learned during the game's State of Play trailer. There are already new characters being added to the roster ahead of the game's launch.

New Characters Announced For Marvel Rivals

During the latest Marvel Rivals trailer, we were shown two new characters coming to the hero shooter. Venom and Guardians of the Galaxy's Adam Warlock are being added to the starting roster.

Venom could be seen swinging around the map as well as traversing underground. It appears as though Venom can damage opponents if he runs into them while burrowing beneath the map's surface.

Adam Warlock seems to be more focused on teamwork rather than aggressive damage. In the trailer, he seems to power up an opponent as one of his abilities, calling out "stronger together" at the same time. He also has some projectile attacks that make him a menace from afar.

The trailer also gave a closer look at how team up abilities will work. Over on the official PlayStation Blog, Game Producer Stephen Wu explained that team up abilities are inspired by "the bonds and friendships" from comic lore.

"When up against overwhelming enemies, even Venom and the Spider-Totems can set aside their differences to morph into a united Venomized force, piercing through the battlefield with dark, lethal spikes!" Wu wrote.

Marvel team up

Interestingly enough, Adam Warlock was mentioned in the massive Marvel Rivals roster leak earlier this month. This gives a bit more legitimacy to this big leak, meaning we could get Captain America, Squirrel Girl, Thor, and Jeff the Landshark after all. It should be noted, however, that Venom was not included in the leak.

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