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Even More MK1 Leaks Hint At T-1000 and Noob Saibot

New data mining reveals a whole host of potential characters that will soon join the Mortal Kombat 1 roster.

Mortal Kombat 1 isn’t even totally available to the public yet and already there are dataminers hard at work. According to a tweet from X user @thethiny, there are a number of DLC characters that are hinted at in the game’s dialogue files. None of these characters are confirmed by NetherRealm Games, but there are some tidbits that could lead to the addition of fighters like Noob Saibot and Terminator 2’s T-1000.

Esports Illustrated previously reported on a number of potential leaks for Kombat Pack 2, but these latest findings are seemingly nestled within the actual files of the game. In the case of T-1000, a voice line from Peacekeeper (who himself is part of Kombat Pack 1) mentions that an unnamed character looks “just like my dad”. Actor Robert Patrick played Auggie Smith, Peacemaker’s father in the HBO series of the same name. He also portrays the shapeshifting T-1000 in T2: Judgement Day. The idea of T-1000 is further anchored by the fact that Arnold Schwarzenegger’s Terminator character appeared as DLC in MK11.

Scorpion in Mortal Kombat 11

Also teased was the inclusion of Noob Saibot. A ghost-style character that’s often been portrayed as the vengeful spirit of the original Sub-Zero, Bi Han. In the original MK mythos, Bi Han was murdered by Scorpion (as revenge for Bi Han murdering his family), and every Sub-Zero since was actually Bi Han’s younger brother. Supporting @thethiny’s post, X user @dynasty1031 posts another dialogue screen with Nitara speaking to a “wraith” she calls Bi Han.

The breadcrumbs are open to speculation, but there’s a bit more evidence here to suggest that these characters may end up in the game. In addition to Noob and T-1000 there’s also support for MK returnees like Jade, Cassie Cage, Kung Jin and Cyrax. Guest characters contained within the files are Ghostface from the Scream series of films and potentially Conan the Barbarian.

Esports Illustrated has not independently confirmed if these leaks are 100% true, but if these data miners are accurate then the next wave of DLC should be just as exciting as the first.