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Mortal Kombat 1 Story Mode Endings Explained — What Happened to Outworld?

MK1's story mode left Outworld in a radically different place than when the story began. We've got you covered on everything that happened at the end of Mortal Kombat 1 Story mode

Outworld, ruled by Queen Sindel, is different than what Mortal Kombat 1 players expected, a beautiful land that’s under significant threats you have to face in Tower Mode. Confused about what transpired in the new Mortal Kombat timeline? Here are the endings to the story mode explained.

Mileena Ending Explained

Mileena story mode

Mileena gets serious in Tower Mode

After defeating Tower Mode with Mileena, you find out that Liu Kang is trying to fix his realm after defeating Shang Tsung as Mileena takes back Outworld from Sindel. But with Lin Kuei still a threat, Mileena’s father, King Jerrod, advises his daughter as she tries to create unity.

While trying to work with different species, Mileena realizes her mother wasn’t who she thought she was. But instead of being cruel like Sindel, Mileena wants to bring everyone together, even working with Kitana and Tanya to strengthen her cause.

Mileena eventually reveals that she has the Tarkat plague, knowing she has enough support to create an open and unified region. This gives her hope that she will overcome her disease.

Baraka Ending Explained

Baraka and his Tarkatan outcasts face enslavement and death if they lose their chance at ruling the Outworld — or at least having the new leader work with them. To save his community, Baraka works with Reptile to meet Mileena.

The two bond over Mileena having the Tarkat plague and she decides to bring Baraka and his followers into the fold. This furthers her message of unity, equality, and diversity. Meanwhile, Baraka agrees to an allegiance and saves his people.

Kitana Ending Explained

Traitors like Rain and General Shao, who partnered with Shang Tsung in an attempt to take the Outworld throne, caused a lot of distrust in the region. Kitana attempts to fix what they’ve done but finds that she’s not accepted by everyone due to her royalty status whereas the traitors were seen as relatable.

Kitana proves them wrong by showing her loyalty and bloodlust, earning her a following. While Kitana doesn’t personally believe violence is the answer, she feels she must continue using her bladed fans to gain the trust of the region. Meanwhile, she longs for the peaceful life she envisioned with Liu Kang.

What Is Next for the Outworld in Mortal Kombat 1?

At the end of Tower Mode, it seems like Outworld is in a far better place than when it was ruled by Sindel. Mileena is a lot more focused on unity and love. But this is not the end of the story, of course.

Reptile and his people have been doing some disturbing and secret experiments. Baraka is skeptical that his people may be turned on in the future. Liu Kang feels more threats are on their way.

A lot of these storylines will be continued in the next Mortal Kombat game, which will expand this new timeline and reveal more lore.