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Top 6 Most Brutal Fatalities in Mortal Kombat 1

MK1 has the highest-level graphics the series has seen so far. Along with that comes some of the most intense and visually stunning fatalities in gaming history

Mortal Kombat 1 wouldn’t be complete without absolute carnage. Fighting game fans have been saying that the Fatalities collection in MK1 is the best in the history of the game with a ton of intense and violent ones that will leave you speechless. Here are the most gruesome Fatalities in Mortal Kombat 1.

Johnny Cage: Fatality 2

Johnny Cage (and the Van Damme skin of Johnny Cage) has a second Fatality that embodies the spirit of Cage’s career as a Hollywood superstar. Johnny kicks his enemy into the windshield of his custom Lamborghini then uses its butterfly door to cut their body in half. He then uses their intestines to drag their upper half down the street as his car speeds off, eventually exploding. Definitely not asking him for an autograph any time soon…

Reiko: For the General

This gruesome Fatality starts with Reiko breaking both arms and then using the exposed, jagged bones to make an opponent stab their own jaw, going into their skull. After that, Reiko violently bends them over, breaking their spine. To finish it off, Reiko reaches inside and pulls out their spine and skull, leaving their body lifeless and drooping at his feet.

Baraka: Fatality 2

This incredibly horrifying fate has Baraka and three other Tarkatans ultimately feasting on his enemy while they’re still alive. To start, Baraka stabs them in the gut and pulls out their intestines. He then uses them to hang his opponent over a fire. The Tarkatan come and start ripping apart the enemy limb from limb. It’s enough to leave most gamers scarred.

Havik: Fatality 2

This completely bonkers Fatality has Havik breaking his own limbs to brutally stab his opponent to death with his exposed bones. First, he kneecaps the opponent and uses his exposed shard to stab them upward into the jaw. Then he punches them in the throat, losing his own hand in the process. He then uses these jagged bones to slice downward from their neck to their groin, ultimately cutting the enemy in half with his own injury. Completely insane.

Sindel: Hair Comes Trouble

Sindel uses her long and apparently very strong hair to break her opponent’s arms, ripping them off with ease. She then uses the exposed wounds to plunge her hair into their upper body, lifting them off the ground to face her.

“Who’s your queen?” she asks them as they suffer before her.

Then, she grabs their spine and skull right out of their neck with ease. It really takes just a split second. Sindel discards what’s left of their body and walks away with a laugh.

Geras: Fatality 2

This Fatality is unique to Geras since it uses time manipulation to pull off. This is probably the best Fatality in the game since it’s the most creative, with fans consistently discussing it online. So what does he do? Geras opens a portal to another battle with the same opponent, tears their head and spine out, and then uses it to bash their current opponent in the face. Then, Geras opens up a second portal behind the opponent and tears their head and spine off once more, basically creating an endless loop of this brutal act on his poor opponent.