Is MultiVersus Cross Platform?

Here's how MultiVersus works on console and PC.

MultiVersus has the FGC duking it out as Bugs Bunny, Iron Giant, and Steven Universe. But does MultiVersus span across platforms the same way it includes characters from many worlds? Here's what we know about MultiVersus cross platform capabilities.

MultiVersus is the latest platform fighter to take the crown from Super Smash Bros. Ultimate. It just re-released after closing following the end of the open beta, bringing new game modes, features, and characters.

Right now, MultiVersus is available on PC through Steam, Xbox systems, and PlayStation consoles. It's currently not on the Nintendo Switch. But you probably have friends that are playing MultiVersus on different consoles. Can you play together?

Does MultiVersus Have Cross Platform?

MultiVersus has arrived with cross platform and cross play capabilities. This means you can play MultiVersus with gamers on every console. Just make sure you have cross platform turned on when you play online.

MultiVersus Perks guide

Does MultiVersus Have Rollback Netcode?

Yes! Developers have implemented a custom rollback netcode for online play. This means that MultiVersus has strong online capabilities that are overall smooth and provide competitive integrity. Rollback netcode ensures that inputs are instant, meaning the fight is accurate to your performance.

Is MultiVersus Better On Console or PC?

Will certain gamers have an advantage over people playing on different systems? Right now, MultiVersus players believe that controller players will be more comfortable. The analog stick will make it easy to maneuver and you won't need to be as precise to get moves out. Luckily, you can use a controller on both console and PC, so you can choose to play this way no matter which way you choose to game.

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