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The Best Esports Black Friday Deals

Esports merch can get pricey but whether you're an Overwatch League or Team Liquid fan there are some specials that can help out budget-conscious gamers

Do you have friends that stay up late watching the finals of their favorite esport? Or maybe spend the weekend grinding a competitive game? If so, Black Friday is the perfect time to get them something special for the upcoming holidays. Here are some of the best Black Friday deals for esports fans.

Overwatch League Pachimari Pride - 50% Off

Pachimari long sleeve shirt

RIP OWL. If you or a loved one was a massive fan of the Overwatch League before Blizzard basically ruined the hype, you can remember its glory days with a Pachimari Pride long-sleeve sweater featuring whatever team you like.

Each sweater features a giant and overly happy Pachimari in the bottom corner that appears to be mid-cheer. The team’s logo appears to be gleefully blasting from his tentacles, which are a color that also represents the team.

Call of Duty League Shirts - 50% Off

Call of Duty League Florida Mutineers Shirt

The Call of Duty League has a lot of super dynamic merch that will allow you or your friend to really stand out while cheering on a favorite team. We especially like the t-shirt collection because they have bold graphics that really show off the vibe of each team. The Florida Mutineers have a giant octopus wreaking havoc on a comic book-inspired city. Los Angeles Guerillas features sinister eyes lurking in the shadows behind some impressive graffiti.

Worlds 2023 Varsity Jacket 

Unfortunately, no Worlds merch is on sale — although other League of Legends products are, including collectible figures and board games. Still, if you know someone who loves competitive League this varsity jacket is hard to pass up.

This varsity jacket features embroidered Worlds emblems and logos, a velcro custom patch on the right sleeve, front welt pockets, and heavyweight construction. It’s a quality jacket that will look stylish even if you aren’t at a League of Legends watch party.

Street Fighter 6 Hot Topic Tees - 20% Off - 60% Off

Hot Topic’s officially licensed merch features all the most popular Street Fighter 6 characters in dynamic poses and vibrant colors. If you or a friend wants to represent their main or stand out while attending a Street Fighter tournament, you can’t go wrong with these fun t-shirts.

Modded GameCube Controller 

If you want a meaningful gift for a competitive Super Smash Bros. player, look no further than a modded GameCube controller. A good example is MultiShine, which lets you fully customize your controller’s button layout and add additional features like a snapback capacitor to eliminate neutral B snapback drifting. For less competitive players, you can also find custom GameCube controllers focused on visuals, transforming a basic controller into a special piece of art. A lot of pros will put their Smash mains on their controller or put on special buttons.

DreamHack Sweatpants - 40% Off

Want to be cozy while gaming? ESL is having a massive Black Friday sale that includes a lot of casual DreamHack merch that can be worn while lounging at home or going out with friends. This includes these super soft and comfortable sweatpants featuring a DreamHack logo and design on the leg.

Eevee Plush From GameStop - $3 Off

Eevee plushie

GameStop has a large collection of Pokémon merch that’s perfect for competitive TCG and VCG players that want to rep their favorite ‘mon at upcoming locals and regionals. It’s commonplace to see players take out a plush to cheer them on from the sidelines during a BO3. Give them this festive and adorable standing Eevee plush with plush fur and a red bow. No Pokémon player can resist this Eevee!

CS:GO Hoodie - 41% Off

Never forget Counter-Strike: Global Offensive with this black Marksman hoodie from ESL’s official store. It has a super graphic design on the back featuring popular CS:GO weapons and the CS:GO logo so you can keep looking back at Counter-Strike’s glory days. This is a very visually appealing hoodie that will pay homage to the best FPS of all time.

Team Liquid Cardigan - 60% Off

Team Liquid cardigan sweater

Team Liquid is having a massive Black Friday sale featuring some of their most popular merch collections. Team Liquid is the leading esports organization when it comes to stylish and aesthetic merch. 

Gone are the days of only offering jerseys — now you can rep Team Liquid with everyday clothes that are elevated with a comfortable and striking street style. This cable knit cardigan is perfect for the winter so definitely grab one for you or your loved ones just in time for some holiday parties.