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How to Win $1 Million Playing Candy Crush: The Candy Crush All Stars Tournament

Whether it's for a million bucks or for glory, you can show off your Candy Crush skills by qualifying for the All Stars Tournament. Here's how.

The global Candy Crush All Stars tournament is back with a $1 million prize pool. 

On March 28, players will compete for a chance to be crowned the Candy Crush GOAT and earn a spot at the live finals. Here's what you need to know about the furth annual Candy Crush All Stars action. 

Candy Crush All Stars Prize Pool

There is a $1 million prize pool that will be split between the winners. The top 10 players will be invited to duke it out at the live finals in Los Angeles and taking a part of the $1 million based on their placement. This is quadrupled from previous years' prize pool. 

“I remember running off the stage after I won and a family member went up to me and said ‘No one in this family has been the best in the world at anything, congratulations.’ Candy Crush champion of the world. Can I say that? So crazy!” said 2023 winner Jay from New York. 

Candy Crush All Star tournament

How to Enter the Candy Crush All Stars Tournament

Want to take part in the biggest casual mobile gaming tournament in history? All you have to do is open up your Candy Crush Saga app and compete from your phone. 

The qualifiers are happening until April 5th. At that point there will be multiple knockout stages with a series of leaderboard challenges. From there, the top 10 finalists will compete at the grand finals. 

It's free to enter. You just need to be 18 years old or up and have reached Level 25 or more. 

“With four Candy Crush All Stars tournaments already completed, we’ve shared so many amazing experiences with our players. We're bringing together people who love our game for a tournament like no other. Candy Crush All Stars players know how to have fun while enjoying a great competition - and this year, we’re bringing a record-breaking prize pot to level up the rewards and to continue to surprise and delight our players," General Manager Todd Green said. 

Learn more about the tournament rules here