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How to Get Super Citizen Status in Helldivers 2

Want to show off a bit in Helldivers 2? Here is how to unlock Super Citizen status in this co-op adventure.

Want to be recognized as a Super Citizen in Helldivers 2? Or just want to know what the heck being a Super Citizen means? Here's how to get Super Citizen status in Helldivers 2. 

What Even Is Super Citizen Status in Helldivers 2?

Super Citizen is a title in Helldivers 2. You cannot type your own unique title but you can choose from a set list while in the Destroyer's Armory. Here's how: 

  • Head to the Destroyer's Armory
  • Go to the Character Customization menu
  • Click on the Title tab to see the list of titles available

Why Don't I See Super Citizen Status?

If you aren't seeing Super Citizen status under your list of available titles, that's probably because you didn't purchase the Super Citizen Edition of Helldivers 2. 

You can only get the Super Citizen title if you have the Super Citizen Edition. This edition comes with a few armor, guns, and premium Warbond — and Super Citizen status. While not too shabby, most gamers have confirmed that the base game is good enough and you can grind to get the premium Warbond and other items. 

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What Does Being a Super Citizen Do In Helldiver's 2?

Your title, including the Super Citizen status, has no effect on your playthrough. It won't give you anything extra. The title will be viewable to other players while you're on your own Destroyer ship or if you board someone else's. 

Right now, being a Super Citizen only shows what type of edition of the game you purchased. If you bought the base version of Helldivers 2, you will get the Cadet title. This cannot be changed for a while. 

In the future, however, your title may indicate to your accomplishments in-game, including liberating planets and completing operations.