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How to Find the Desert Festival in Stardew Valley 1.6

The latest update in Stardew Valley has a lot of exciting new content, including a limited time Desert Festival. Here's all you need to know to take part in the festivities.

Stardew Valley 1.6 has finally arrived and it has brought some interesting changes, including the Desert Festival. 

The latest Stardew Valley update has been met with applause from fans of the indie sim game. One of the more interesting changes is the addition of the Desert Festival. It only happens once so here's how to take part before it's gone. 

When Is the Desert Festival in Stardew Valley?

The Desert Festival lasts for three days within Stardew Valley during the spring months. It specifically will be from Spring 15 through 18. 

To access the Desert Festival, however, you first need to repair the bus. Then you can travel to the festival when a bus driver is present. The bus is available rom 9 AM to 5 PM in Stardew Valley's local time. 

Make sure you're playing on the 1.6 update. 

What to Do at the Desert Festival in Stardew Valley

There are several activities available at the Desert Festival. This includes a race, a spicy food vendor selling unique ingredients, and a knowledge scholar. The main goal, however, is to collect Calico Eggs. 

Stardew Valley Desert Festival

How to Get Calico Eggs

Calico Eggs are forms of in-game currency. Once you collect enough, you can speak to the Calico Egg vendor at the Desert Festival to redeem prizes based on how many you collected. 

Here is how you can get Calico Eggs: 

  • Answering the Scholar’s questions
  • Guessing the winner of the Desert Festival race
  • Completing Willy’s fishing request at Calico Desert pond
  • Completing Adventurer’s Guild Challenge in the Skull Cavern
  • Exploring Skull Cavern