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Popular Apex Legends streamer and 100 Thieves content creator iiTzTimmy has announced that he’s looking for a team for the Apex Legends Challenger Circuit Split 2. Timmy is one of the most popular and skilled Apex Legends streamers. In 2021, he solo queued his way from Bronze to Masters in a single stream that took 54 hours and 30 minutes.

iiTzTimmy Pro Past

Timmy is no stranger to the competitive scene of ALGS. Throughout 2020, he played for the Golden Guardians and, after that, teamed up with Nicewigg and Apryze on Team SHEEEEEEESH. Timmy details in a TwitLonger post why he stopped competing and switched to full-time content creator and his decision to come back to the pro scene.

“I talk about how my mental health was doing throughout my streaming career. I was going through depression and some really dark times…” iiTzTimmy

He also says that he wasn’t sure what the exact reason was, whether it was a lack of performance or streaming numbers not being where he wanted them to be, in addition to public perception and constant comparisons with other people.

He mentions his time with Golden Guardians and how the public would refer to them as Golden Griefers for their performances. Timmy reflects in the TwitLonger, saying, “but that was my first time competing and honestly being any sort of gamer / pro player in this industry. I had no experience in Battle Royales or competition, so what else would you expect from a player like me and from teammates with similar experiences?”

Timmy also reflects on his time with Nicewigg and Apyze on Team SHEEEEEEESH, mentioning a lack of expectations, training and calling it a “4FUN team, nothing serious.” Despite doing well with this team, he still found that the negative feedback was there.

“We were literally a 4FUN team where if we didn't qualify or play good, it didn't matter. Yet I constantly got shit on for my playstyle or things that were AND weren't my fault. It negatively impacted my mental health as someone who wasn't trying to make competing my "everything" and do it for fun. I think this ruined competing for me.” iiTzTimmy

The Return of iiTzTimmy

In a video Timmy posted to his YouTube channel on March 3rd, he opened up to his fans and went into further detail about his journey as a pro and a content creator, being a role model, his depression and streaming. In the video, he talks about starting out as a 19-year-old kid who didn’t know much, his rise in popularity and how overwhelming it became when he started to get negative feedback.

In the video, he also talks about getting help working through and managing his mental health and how he is now in a much better place. He’s ready to take on more of the responsibilities that come with pursuing a professional competitive career. Something he says he never gave up on, even when he was streaming full-time.

Timmy also assures his fans that he will continue to stream in addition to scrimming and the increased practice that going pro will entail. He’s teaming up with lyric and still looking for a third controller player.

The response from the community has been very positive as Timmy prepares for his return to pro Apex and having another popular streamer under the ALGS banner will only improve the numbers for the scene.

As a comparison, in the past 30 days, the official PlayApex Twitch Channel has had an average viewer count of 14,814 compared to Timmy’s 8,817, according to But their peak viewership is much closer, with PlayApex at 21,726 and Timmy coming in at 20,417.

He wouldn't be the first content creator to make the jump into the professional scene. Team Tripods is a secondary team owned by FaZe Clan that features popular streamers NICKMERCs, Deeds and Gent.

As the streamer who popularized the “Bronze to Masters” challenge, when he hits the Pro League and the ALGS again, expect Timmy to be making headlines.