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LeagueSpot, which gives students gaming and esports opportunities, just renewed its partnership with Epic Charter Schools, a virtual learning program for students of all ages. The partnership aims to bring “innovative gaming and esports programs” to around 30,000 Epic Charter Schools students with the goal of enhancing their learning experience and promoting teamwork and strategic thinking.

The esports programs will bring competitive gaming opportunities to students that are focused on collaboration and teamwork. While they are working together to get W’s, the students will simultaneously be improving their creativity and critical thinking skills.

"We believe that gaming and esports can be powerful tools for learning and development," said Andrew Barnett, CEO of LeagueSpot. "We are committed to helping Epic Charter Schools students reach their full potential."

According to Epic Charter Schools’ Esports and Game Studies Director Kaiden Hudson, the program was designed to give Epic students a home with the help of LeagueSpot. Oftentimes, gaming programs are the first time that some students get involved with extracurricular activities and have a sense of school pride. It can help build confidence and give them a strong community that inspires them to further their education.

Participation in Epic Charter’s gaming and esports programs have more than doubled between 2022 and 2023, according to a release.