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Most Expensive Cards in Murders at Karlov Manor

Whether it's due to their art or their competitive nature, these are the cards that MTG players are spending a good amount of cash on.

Magic: The Gathering's first expansion of 2024 is officially here. Murders at Karlov Manor brings an eerie fantasy vibe to the world of Magic, allowing players to solve mysteries or enhance their competitive deck with a few key cards. 

If you're wondering which cards you will want in your collection, check out these most expensive cards in the Murders at Karlov Manor expansion. Some are great for tournaments while others are just pretty to look at. 

Delney Streetwise Lookout
Massacre Girl, Known Killer
Rakdos, Patron of Chaos
Anzrag, the Quake-Mole
Vannifer, Evolved Enigma
Trostani, Three Whispers
The Pride of Hull Clade
Vein Ripper MTG