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Must-Have Gifts for Esports Fans

This Black Friday, secure the gifts that will make the die-hard esports fan jump for joy. Whether it's the best keyboard or mouse or some rare merch, this gift guide has everything you need when shopping for esports fans.

It’s the holiday season and there’s bound to be folks out there scouring online retailers for gamer gifts. So we thought that if you or your loved one needed some help here are some ideas for the esports fan in your life.

*prices are subject to change*

Mountain Everest Max or 60

Everest max keyboard

While Mountain may not be one of the top brands that come to mind when thinking about your next keyboard. But perhaps you should. The Everest Max is a modular behemoth of a keyboard that allows you to add a 10-keypad on either side, which is amazing if you’re tapped for desk space but still want a full-size keyboard. If you don’t there’s also the Everest 60, which is a very solid aluminum base small keyboard if all you really need is WASD.

Everest Max: $184.99 at Mountain

$184.99 at Amazon

Everest 60: $84.00

Audeze Maxwell Wireless Headphones

Audeze maxwell gaming headset

In many circles, the Audeze Maxwells are considered some of the best gaming headphones that money can buy. Its major claim to fame is its massive battery life, boasting over 80 hours of wireless sound. Also, its huge sound drivers mean you’re getting some fantastic low-tone performance and sound customization with the Audeze app. Lastly, the Maxwells say that their AI noise filtering blocks out virtually all ambient noise going into the microphone meaning your teammates won’t catch wind of Partner Aggro while you game.

$299 at Audenze

Basically Any Overwatch League Gear

Shanghai Dragons jersey

With the Overwatch League falling apart, some of the gear from the golden age of OW will become collector's items to fans of the esport. Especially if you’re from a town that had a team. If you’re able to find one of the elusive 2019 Outlaws 3rd kits then you’d be in luck.

Entire Site 50% Off

Herman Miller Lino Chair

Herman Miller lino gaming chair

By now, Herman Miller is known as the top flight in office chairs and they even have a gaming vertical. So it might be a bit strange to see one of their more standard offerings on this list. But the Lino is a great chair that removes the sticker shock of the $1,500 Embody Gaming chair, also from HM. While it may lack some of the pizazz of the Embody, It’s still a well-made seat with everything you need for comfortable gaming sessions.

$641.25 at Herman Miller

Razer Basilisk V3 Pro Gaming Mouse


Razer has been a major player in gaming peripherals for nearly 20 years. And its Basilisk line of mice is a mainstay in the homes of gamers around the world. The V3 is the latest iteration of the Basilisk with all the features of a top-line gaming mouse. It’s got quite a few programmable buttons even though it’s not an MMO mouse and has all the flashy RGB effects you could ask for.

$148 at Amazon

$159 from Razer