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My Hero Ultra Rumble Season 2 Ranked Rewards

If you are grinding in My Hero Ultra Rumble, there are some rewards if you reach the highest ranks.

Season 2 of My Hero Ultra Rumble is bringing some new rewards for ranked players. If you make it to the highest ranks within Season 2, you’ll get some exciting rewards on top of bragging rights.

  • Pro Rank: Cementoss “Clinging Principal (Heat)”
  • Ace Rank: Eijiro Kirishima “Mask Off Alpha ver. (Dangerous)”

My Hero Ultra Season 2 Dates

My Hero Ultra Rumble’s second season came out in late November. The end date has not been revealed but it will most likely wrap up at the end of December. Season 1 lasted from September 28 to late November.

My Hero Ultra Players React to Season 2 Rewards

It’s safe to say that the My Hero Ultra community is currently very underwhelmed with how Season 2 has been going. The prizes for the top ranks has done little to calm down the most outspoken and frustrated of the player base.

My Hero Ultra Rumble season 2 rewards

Season 2 complaints have ranged from disappointment in the new content — including a lack of map updates — to issues with how you unlock characters. Some are even questioning if My Hero Ultra will survive after seeing how Season 2 has been so far.

What Are the My Hero Ultra Ranks?

My Hero features individual and squad ranked matches. Both feature four different ranks you can climb through:

  • Beginner
  • Amateur
  • Pro
  • Ace
My hero ultra rumble ranked mode ranks

How to Climb Ranks in Competitive My Hero Ultra Rumble

If you are looking to grind My Hero Ultra Rumble in an attempt to get the rewards for Pro and Ace placement, here is what helps you gain rank points.

Rank points are calculated based on damage inflicted on enemies, number of KOs, and the score obtained in-battle, according to an official developer blog. Even if your team doesn’t do well, you can still gain points for your individual performance.