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My Hero Ultra Rumble Season 3 Brings Massive Changes and Concerns

My Hero Ultra Rumble has announced that Season 3 is coming soon and it includes big changes. Here’s everything we expect to see so far.

When Is My Hero Ultra Rumble Season 3?

MHUR Season 3 is coming on January 25. That’s just five days away.

What Is Coming in My Hero Ultra Rumble Season 3?

The following have been confirmed on the MHUR X channel:

  • New map
  • New rewards
  • New character
  • New quirks

The original post didn’t include any details but fans of the series have found out some of the fine print thanks to a Japanese announcement.

The new map and new skins were already known but fans are excited to see there are even more updates and new content coming, although some are annoyed that it’s taken so long to get a new character.

A new battle system called Quirk Skillsets will be introduced in Season 3. This will allow you to change from a character’s default skills to use their new skills. Basically, characters will have multiple skills to choose from. While this sounds exciting, it comes with a catch: You can only get Skillsets in gacha summons. This has upset a lot of players who are sick of developers leaning into the gacha system.

MHUR Season 3 info

The translated announcement states that Deku is the first hero getting a new skill set. His new moves include the ranged kick Manchester Smash, the long-distance projectile Delaware Smash, and Ground Impact, a strong stomp move that creates a shield-like object from the ground. Fans feel this will change the game since developers are ultimately changing the character drastically, which is frustrating for not only Deku mains but anyone facing him. Others are worried it will take too long between skillset drops and are hoping the next one is coming soon.

Who Is the New Character in My Hero Ultra Rumble Season 3?

While the new character has been officially announced, developers have yet to share who it will be. Most are speculating that it’s going to be a villain but we still don’t know who this character will be.

Fans are excited for Season 3 overall but are hoping that the new content will pick up and that the gacha system will eventually kill the game anyway.