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Palworld Early Access Roadmap Reveals New Content and Fixes For 2024

Pocketpair has shared a Palworld Early Access roadmap to prove that the survival game is more than just a trending topic. Here is what’s coming up for fans of Palworld.

Palworld has quickly skyrocketed up the charts as one of the most-played games on Steam. It’s safe to say that gamers love torturing Pokémon and enjoy the survival gameplay. But is Palworld more than the hype surrounding the mysteriously familiar Pal designs? Developers are hoping so and intend to retain gamers with a roadmap.

Palworld Road Map Reveals Future Updates

While Palworld is in Early Access, developers have three main focuses. Here is what you can expect so far.

First, developers are hoping to address critical issues. Due to it being a smaller studio, players run into a lot of bugs and glitches that make the gameplay not as smooth. Pocketpair is hoping to fix those bugs during Early Access, including obnoxious black screens and missing features.

Then, developers want to focus on other improvements to gameplay. On X, developers focused on two improvements: key configuration and Pal AI and pathing. These will be implemented “ASAP,” according to the post.

Palword 2024 roadmap early access

The most interesting part of the road map are the “planned future updates,” of course. Here are the updates that developers are hoping to add to the game this year:

  • PvP
  • End-game content such as raid bosses
  • PvP arena for Pals
  • Steam and Xbox Crossplay functionality
  • Improvements to various Xbox features
  • Server transfers and migrations
  • Overall improvements to the game's building system
  • New islands to explore, Pals to catch, bosses to battle, and technologies to discover

This has a lot of gamers excited, with the promise of new Pals, new bosses, and even plans for more end-game content for those who are grinding the game hardcore. This means there will be more to do later in the year for anyone concerned about the game’s replayability.

Another cool update is the promise of Steam and Xbox crossplay. The ability to play with friends also adds more gameplay opportunities.

For now, it seems like Palworld is hoping to continue being on players’ minds well into 2024, not just while there’s controversy over their Pal designs.

Gamers are impressed and looking forward to a “big year” for Palworld.