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"We Intend To Investigate": Pokemon Has Officially Responded to the Palworld Controversy

Despite the controversy surrounding its peculiar Pal designs, Palworld has sold over 8 million copies. In fact, some people have enjoyed the drama. But the Pokémon Company has finally come with an official statement regarding Palworld’s alleged copycat creatures.

It’s no secret that Palworld has gained hype both for its fun survival gameplay and for the controversy surrounding  Pal designs. It looks like The Pokémon Company has been watching the drama unfold after all. Here’s what they had to say.

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The Pokémon Company Addresses Palworld Controversy

It looks like The Pokémon Company may be taking legal action against Palworld but it’s still too early to know.

In an official statement on its corporate site, the company said that it has received “many inquiries” regarding Pocketpair’s survival game (although it didn’t mention it by name, just by release date).

Said Pokémon: “We have not granted any permission for the use of Pokémon intellectual property or assets in that game. We intend to investigate and take appropriate measures to address any acts that infringe on intellectual property rights related to the Pokémon. We will continue to cherish and nurture each and every Pokémon and its world, and work to bring the world together through Pokémon in the future.”

The Pokémon Company kept it short and has said nothing else regarding Palworld just yet.

Is Palworld Guilty of Copying Pokémon Designs?

There is currently no solid proof that Pocketpair has purposefully used designs from Pokémon.

The CEO of Pocketpair has been accused of maybe even using AI to rip off the designs, but this is based largely on a thoughtful tweet from 2021 where he discussed how you could use AI to create ‘mon inspired designs. He never said he actually went through with it anywhere.

Regardless of the controversy, Palworld has amassed 8 million copies sold in under 6 days and set records by surpassing Counter-Strike in peak concurrent players on Steam.