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Rainbow Six Siege Freeze For All — Deadlines, Dates, Rewards

Experience a whole new way of playing Rainbow Six Siege with the Freeze For All event. We break down the game mode and rewards

Rainbow Six Siege is celebrating the holiday season with the Freeze For All event. With a new game mode and new map, Freeze For All is bringing a ton of content to the FPS community. Here is what you can experience in Tom Clancy’s shooter over the holiday break.

Freeze For All Game Mode

Rainbow Six Siege Freeze For All event

Freeze For All is a deathmatch game mode that has 10 players and no teams. It’s every player for themselves. With no attack or defense roles, operators should be prepared to cycle through five different loadouts over five rounds of action. Points are rewarded for damaging and eliminating opponents.

To add to the holiday vibes, there is snow everywhere, breakable ice walls, and you can throw snowballs at enemies when you respawn onto the roof. That’s right — you don’t simply get eliminated in this limited-time mode. Instead, you can throw snowballs from the roof to get some points and disrupt the remaining players.

Freeze For All Workshop Map

The Freeze For All game mode is bringing another gift to players, a new map. It’s basically a seasonal, snowy version of the existing Arctic Workshop map, helping you get into the holiday spirit.

Freeze For All Abilities

To spice up the new game mode, operators will have rotating abilities. This will ensure that your gameplay is different every time you squad up. You’ll play all classes and roles, meaning new weapons and abilities as well.

Freeze For All Cosmetics

Lastly, we are getting some cosmetics as part of the event. The four cosmetics will be 1680 R6 Credits.

Playing Freeze For All will give you one free Collection Pack (worth 300 R6 Credits). You will get additional packs for free each week if you complete the weekly challenges, giving you more chances to get the cosmetics.

You have until January 5, 2024 to experience this holiday event.

The Rainbow Six Siege fanbase is skeptical to say the least. Many have expressed frustration with the game mode itself as well as developers seemingly ignoring major connection issues in favor of holiday content.

Said one player: “This game mode makes no sense, one round I get kali sniper and boss g, everyone else running round with full autos and shottys, and next round I got only a pistol, and some smokes. What am I supposed to do with that??? What's the point of this game mode it's terrible.”