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The Finals has a very unique style. You are a simulation on a game show and the entire match is commentated — complete with puns. To add to the aesthetic, The Finals has a fictional sponsor named Ospuze, which appears to be an energy drink. They seem to be the ones responsible for the battle pass rewards.

Every Battle Pass Reward in The Finals Open Beta

Here is what you can get in the battle pass during the open beta:

  • Level 1: Ozpuze Pourin’ - A legendary weapon skin with a yellow sponsor logo on the top
  • Level 2: Ospuze Pull Tab - A rare weapon charm that’s “for contestants who pop the lid off conventional tactics”
  • Level 3: Ospuze Bold - Apparently, Ospuze’s CEO Sofia Petronelle wants contestants to “leave their mark” with this epic sticker
  • Level 4: Ospuze Nama Tama - This rare spray features the Ospuze mascot
  • Level 5: Ospuze Poppin’ - This legendary weapon skin features yellow spray paint-like markings on the back
  • Level 6: A rare sticker of the Bobtail Bandit, a pretty badass cat
  • Level 7: This rare weapon charm is known as the Ospuze Quench
  • Level 8: Ospuze Performin’ is a legendary weapon skin complete with a leather ammo bag
  • Level 9: Spill Proof is an epic emote that has the player guzzling down an energy drink
  • Level 10: The Ospuze Pyro Pint is a rare weapon skin for grenades
  • Level 11: This rare spray is basically an Ospuze Billboard ad
  • Level 12: Sport your love for Ospuze with this rare wrist grip
  • Level 13: Ospuze Pro Juice is a rare weapon charm for players that “plan to aim higher and shoot faster”
  • Level 14: This rare sticker is pretty punny: “Oct Opuze.” Get it?
  • Level 15: The Ospuze Ob Six Pack is a rare lower back that features a “limited edition six pack from the CEO”
  • Level 16: This epic outfit, known as Ospuze Ob-structor, features a yellow (what other color would it be?) sweatshirt, shoes with yellow soles, and a yellow hat and headphones

Will Your Rewards Carry Over?

Yes, your battle pass progress will carry over when The Finals is officially released. You have until November 5 to grind!

There is currently no release date for The Finals. Developers have said it’s coming in late 2023 but no specific day has been revealed yet.