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The Finals Release Date is RIGHT NOW

The Finals shocked gamers at The Game Awards by announcing it would release the same night. The Finals is now available and the competitive shooter can be played

The Finals is coming out tonight.

The team-based multiplayer chaos of The Finals won over the FPS crowd during the last few betas of the colorful and fast-paced shooter. Teams of three fight in a game show-style competition, using explosives, guns, and destructible stages to defeat other squads on the search for cash.

Unfortunately, when the last beta ended, no release date was revealed. But that has changed in a major way.

The Finals Reveal at The Game Awards 2023

The Game Awards shared a trailer for The Finals, with the developer telling the community that watching the passionate player base take part in the betas was “the most gratifying part” of his entire career.

The trailer revealed Season 1, which has a lot of new cosmetics and some interesting new items that seem to cause a lot of destruction. But the big part of the trailer — which was largely just a rapid succession of action — was the release date.

When the trailer ended, the release date read: December 2023.

Then, the announcer confirmed that The Finals is coming tonight. In fact, it will be available in the next hour or so.

The news was met with a lot of hype from the FPS community. A lot of players took to social media to applaud the surprise release. The refreshing take on shooter games has been very exciting for the community, with many applauding the game’s fast-paced, short matches, the lack of battle royale elements, the fully destructible environments, and stylish skins.

The Finals Panda

The open beta from October to November had 7.5 million players. There are quick play modes as well as a tournament mode with higher stakes.

Where to Play The Finals

The Finals will be available to download tonight on Stream for PC, as well as Xbox and PlayStation, the new generations.

The Finals will have crossplay, allowing friends on PC, Xbox Series S|X, and PlayStation 5 to join the same squads and enter tournaments together. So download The Finals on your console of choice and start looting tonight.