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The Finals — Matchmaking Fixes In Latest Patch 1.2.3

The latest patch for The Finals is aimed at improved matchmaking.

The Finals was suddenly released the night of The Game Awards, exciting the FPS community after some successful betas. Gamers couldn’t wait to jump into the mayhem, eliminating opponents for cash and knocking down entire buildings in the process.

Now, Embark Studios has released patch 1.2.3, which should help with matchmaking and a few other quick hotfixes.

The Finals Patch 1.2.3

Like other shooters, The Finals relies on skill-based matchmaking. This means that you will hopefully play against teams that are at a similar skill level to you, ensuring that gameplay is fair and balanced. This is most likely determined by your level as well as your performance.

In the latest patch, Embark Studios is hoping to make this matchmaking process even more accurate.

The Finals assault rifle shot

“We've made some changes to our skill-based matchmaking to ensure better-quality games. This means matchmaking times are likely to be ever so slightly longer, but you should find yourselves in slightly closer matches,” devs wrote on Steam.

It’s not clear exactly how long the matchmaking process will take now but it’s hopefully nothing too impactful. You can best believe that gamers will have something to say if it takes forever to join a match, however, so be on the lookout. For now, it’s just great to see developers trying to make matches feel more balanced and competitively viable.

Patch 1.2.3 had a few more welcomed updates for The Finals players. A login issue has been addressed and developers have updated the way backfills work in modes like Quick Cash and Bank It.

Developers wrote: “We've updated the way backfills work in Quick Cash and Bank It. This should mean that you get backfilled less often and when you do get backfilled, you should have more time remaining in the match, especially in Bank It mode.”

Is Skill-Based Matchmaking Good?

Skill-based matchmaking is used in most games you play, including Apex Legends, Call of Duty, and The Finals. But some gamers are not a fan of this matchmaking method. Some people feel that it creates one-sided matches while others have expressed that matches feel “manipulated.”

A lot of streamers and top players also despise skill-based matchmaking because it feels as though top players are being “punished.” Basically, if you’re a good player you’ll only play against other good players and go without being rewarded for your skills. But the counterargument here is players who feel as though skill-based matchmaking gives newer players a chance without being completely dominated by top players.

Others just want to know what games use in their algorithm when it comes to skill-based matchmaking. For example, Call of Duty will take your KDA into account. But it’s not always clear what is actually causing you to be paired with the players you’re paired with, leaving some gamers frustrated.