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The Finals Season One Patch Notes: Battle Pass, Weapon Changes & More

Full breakdown of Patch Notes for the full release of The Finals, revealed at The Game Awards 2023. Gameplay, content, rewards, everything in Patch 1.2.0 and Season 1

After months of anticipation, Embark Studios has finally released The Finals. The Finals is a brand new battle royal game that features unique, highly destructible maps that cater to fast and explosive gameplay. With the release of Season One, we have a new battle pass, a new map, weapon changes and much more. Here’s everything you need to know for Patch 1.2.0 and The Finals Season 1.

The Finals Season 1 Patch Notes

Content Updates

  • New ways to express yourself in the arena! Such as:
    • Reload and Inspect animations
    • Emoticons
    • Gestures
    • Pets (!!!)
    • Sounds
    • Watches
    • More? Yes, more!
  • The Store is open and you’ll have access to an ever-changing content selection to make your contestants pop in the arena.
  • The Season 1 BattlePass contains 12 pages of unlockable rewards.
    • That amounts to 96 exclusive rewards
    • 29 rewards can be earned for free!
    • Unlock the whole BattlePass to receive a total of 1575 Multibucks!
  • Play and progress, master your loadout with:
    • 6 Mastery Levels per weapon
    • 6 Mastery Levels per gadget
    • 5 levels per ability

New Features

The Finals Keyart
  • New Map Las Vegas
    • Test your luck and reach for the stars in the glitz, glam, and tight-knit gameplay of this glittering arena
  • New Map variants:
    • Don’t get lost in stinging sands! Seek shelter and glory in this Las Vegas map variant: Sandstorm.
    • Tripwires & turrets: The environment can work for or against you. Traverse Vegas but watch your step, around every corner could be a trap.
  • New event: Alien invasion
    • You’ll have to see this one to believe it. It’s outta this world!

Gameplay Changes & balance

Movement & Animation

  • Movement
    • Made multiple updates to vaulting responsiveness and general smoothness when traversing
    • Updated various first-person animations to better sync with footsteps
    • Improvements to syncing and stability when players are on moving surfaces such as elevators, sky-lifts, cranes, and moving platforms
    • Improved speed-matching and added in-air animations when coining other contestants
    • General polish updates to third-person locomotion
  • Combat Animations
    • Stabilized the camera for aim down sight reloads and bolt actions, for easier tracking of targets
    • Updated jumping and zipline animations when aiming down sights
    • Added third-person reaction animations for Flashbangs, Gas, and Fire.
    • Reworked the animations for the Charge’N’Slam specialization
The Finals Season one Patch Notes


  • General
    • Added sensitivity scaling based on zoom FOV
  • Aim Assistance
    • Added better support and various improvements for sensitivity dampening on targets
    • Updated default aim down sights sensitivity reduction
    • Reduced zoom snapping active duration
  • Controller Vibration
    • Settings added
  • Controller Settings
    • Added setting to allow players to customize their controller experience further
    • Added separate dead zones for the different analog sticks


  • All
    • Finally, the wrecking ball is back! Check the cranes.
  • Monaco
    • Improved readability of map border
  • Skyway Stadium
    • Added ‘Evening’ environment condition


  • Charge’N’Slam
    • Updated damage of the ground slam so that it will break floors in buildings more consistently
  • Cloaking Device
    • Rebalanced fade-in/out durations to make it harder to vanish mid-combat
    • Added fade-in/out visual effect
  • Grapple Hook
    • Fixed a bug where players could become stuck when grappling during a vault
  • Recon Senses
    • Reduced the total fuel, shortening the max duration
    • Fixed an issue where Recon Senses would trigger on enemy statues


The Finals Screenshot
  • General
    • Updated bullet dispersion system on all weapons when aiming down sights
    • Fixed various issues where weapons could fire infinitely or not at all
    • Fixed an issue where Gadgets could become stuck in an infinite cooldown
    • Added a new hitmarker to crosshairs for damage over time effects
  • AKM
    • Updated recoil pattern, making it slightly less easy to control
  • FCAR
    • Updated recoil pattern, making it slightly easier to control
  • Flamethrower
    • Fixed a bug where the Flamethrower could be fired without consuming ammo
    • Max range reduced by 60 cm
    • Fire rate reduced to 160 RPM from 180 RPM
    • Adjusted Flamethrower impact effects to make them less blinding for the target player
    • Reduced damage to 28 from 31
  • Lewis Gun
    • Updated recoil pattern, making it slightly easier to control
  • LH1
    • Increased bullet dispersion when firing from the hip
    • Updated recoil pattern, making the weapon easier to control
    • Fire rate reduced to 300 RPM from 400 RPM
    • Increased LH1 damage from 41 to 45
  • M60
    • Updated recoil pattern, making it slightly less easy to control
  • Riot Shield
    • Fixed an issue where the Riot Shield could block bullets while the player was emoting
  • Throwing Knives
    • Introduced Throwing Knives to the Light archetype
  • V9S
    • Magazine size reduced to 20 from 24
    • Updated recoil pattern, making the weapon less easy to control
    • Increased damage fall-off to make the weapon less effective at long-range


  • General
    • Fixed an issue where Gadgets could become stuck in an infinite cooldown
  • C4
    • Increased health from 5 to 25
  • Defibrillators
    • Added ability for defibrillators to damage enemy players. They will do 50 damage and will enter cooldown if they land a successful hit
  • Gas Mine
    • Added trigger audio effect
  • Glitch Grenade
    • Fuse time increased from 1.1s to 1.8s, giving it more range
  • Night Vision
    • Removed Night Vision from the game, to be reworked in a future update
  • Sonar Grenade
    • Radius reduced from 17.5m to 10m
    • Updated the crosshair hit marker that appears when the Sonar Grenade detects targets
  • Stun Gun
    • Removed sensitivity reduction from stunned players
    • Added glitch effect to stunned players, rendering their Specialization and Gadgets unusable for a short time
  • Tactical Breach
    • Increased health from 5 to 25
  • Vanishing Bomb
    • Introduced Vanishing Bomb gadget to the Light archetype
  • Zipline
    • Added line break effect to Ziplines

How to Play The Finals

The Finals is free to play and available now on PC, Xbox Series X/S and PS5.