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Twitch Top 10: Best Streamers and Games Feb. 19-26 2024

At the end of February on Twitch, where FPS gaming on Twitch, featuring top streamers like Jynxzi and Gaules dominate the charts alongside thrilling tournaments like the Rainbow 6 Siege Invitational. Caseoh_ and Jynxzi are growing in huge ways across platforms like Twitch TikTok and YouTube Shorts and fan favorites like KaiCenat are returning, all while witnessing the emergence of exciting new IPs like Last Epoch in Twitch's vibrant gaming ecosystem.

The week saw a surge in FPS gaming on Twitch, led by Jynxzi's ascent to the top spot fueled by the exhilarating Rainbow 6 Siege Invitational Championship. Alongside, Rainbow6's official channel and Gaules' Counter-Strike streams captivated audiences, underscoring the enduring allure of tactical shooters and competitive gaming.

In the realm of variety streaming, Caseoh_ emerged as a breakout star with his eclectic content, while KaiCenat made a triumphant return to the Twitch Top 10 with engaging Just Chatting sessions. Meanwhile, Last Epoch carved its place among Twitch's most-watched games, signaling the platform's embrace of exciting new experiences. This dynamic landscape reaffirms Twitch's position as the ultimate destination for gaming and entertainment, where FPS thrillers and captivating personalities continue to reign supreme, captivating audiences worldwide.

Jynxzi Gamer of the Year
Rainbow 6 Invitational
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Junichi Kato
Top 10 Streamers Feb 27th
just chatting
league of legends
apex legends
Dota 2
Warzone Urzikstan
Top 10 Games Feb 27th