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Overwatch 2 Clash Mode — Release Date, Strategy, Maps

Overwatch 2 used BlizzCon 2023 as a platform to share the colorful shooter’s exciting plans for 2024. This includes new heroes and a new game mode, Clash. Here’s what we know about this mode so far.

What Is Clash Mode in Overwatch 2?

Clash will have two teams fighting over five capture points. Unlike Flashpoint, however, you’ll be working toward one goal rather than moving around the map. It was described more as a “push-and-pull” battle, with teams trying to capture one point at a time on a mirrored map.

Teams will win by either taking the most points for themselves or making it all the way to A or E (depending what side they’re on).

At BlizzCon, developers said that Clash mode will heavily favor defenders in the final points. It may be quite difficult to make it to the end.

What is Hanaoka in Overwatch 2?

Developers spent a lot of time sharing information on Clash mode’s first map, Hanaoka. This map’s location is right outside where Hanamura was set and you’ll even be able to see iconic locations from the retired map while exploring Hanaoka. For example, you’ll see the Rikimaru ramen shop in the background.

Hanamura was taken out of Overwatch 2 when 2CP was removed from the game for being unbalanced. Since then, developers have apparently been looking for ways to bring Hanamura back since the location means so much for a handful of Overwatch heroes.

Hanzo Demon skin

To pay homage to that, there will be a lot of lore blended into the map. At BlizzCon, it was revealed that Hanaoka will have a mural of a tiger and a dragon to represent the Hashimoto clan and the Shimada clan, respectively. These two clans clashed in Overwatch’s lore, including a key moment when the Hashimoto clan killed Hanzo and Genji’s father, the leader of the Shimada clan.

Developers said other assets will also be included in Hanaoka that further dive into the stories that take place in this region.

What Other Maps Are in Clash Mode?

So far, Overwatch 2 devs haven’t shared what other maps will be in Clash mode. During the reveal, they did discuss how Volksya was the initial map they had in mind for Clash mode but it’s unclear if that will still happen. Now fans are wondering what other forgotten maps will see gameplay once again when Clash mode drops.

When Does Clash Mode Get Released?

No release date was revealed at BlizzCon 2023.

Right now, we don’t know when Clash mode will be added to Overwatch 2. What we do know is that it’s part of the 2024 plan, which also includes three heroes and a lot of other content.