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Overwatch 2 Blizzcon 2023 Announces New Samoan Hero Mauga, New PvP Mode Clash and More

  • Mauga is the newest hero announced for Overwatch 2, a Tank Hero dual wielding massive chainguns.
  • Overwatch 2 has a new competitive PvP mode in the works called Clash.
  • In 2024 Overwatch 2 plans to rework the competitive ranking system and introduce new competitive rewards.

Blizzcon 2023 brings some massive news for fans of the iconic hero shooter, Overwatch 2. The main reveal of the Overwatch section of the opening ceremonies included the newest addition to the Hero Roster, Mauga.

Mauga, Overwatch’s 39th Hero

Hero 39 is named Mauga, a tank character from Samoa who dual wields two hefty chainguns named Gunny and Cha Cha. The developers describe Mauga as a cunning tactician and his abilities and moveset leave plenty of room for players to experiment.

Mauga’s Abilities include:

  • Incendiary Chaingun ignites Enemies, setting them on fire once they’ve taken enough damage.
  • Volatile Chaingun will deal increased critical damage on burning enemies.
  • Overrun is an unstoppable charge that knocks enemies back.
  • Cardiac Overdrive damages enemies, and lets you and nearby allies regain life.
  • Cage Fight grants your team infinite ammo if they’re close enough and chains enemies so that they can't run too far away.

Mauga will be officially launching with Season 8 of Overwatch 2 on December 5th, but players can get their hands on him this weekend. That’s right, Mauga is live right now in Quickplay!

Mauga cinematic

New Overwatch 2 Competitive Mode

Another major reveal from Blizzcon 2023 for Overwatch 2 is a new ranked mode that is in development called Clash. The game mode features five points on a map that teams will fight to take and keep from one another in succession. In order to win a team must push the other team back far enough to capture all five, or reach the maximum score limit.

The first map for this new ranked mode will be based on a classic Overwatch map, Hanamura. The new map will be called Hanaoka.

It was also revealed that in 2024 the competitive ranked system will be completely overhauled. This overhaul will also introduce brand-new ranked rewards.

Speaking of the future of Overwatch 2, it was also announced that three new heroes would be released in 2024 including a new damage dealer named Venture and a new support that is currently codenamed Space Ranger slated for Season 12.