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Gamers can be a bit predictable sometimes. We beg for information on upcoming content, developers reveal the content, and then we start speculating the next new content that will come after. Cue leakers and data miners.

Lifeweaver is an interesting support hero that’s coming when Season 4 drops in a few days. He will be arriving with a buff to his healing capabilities along with some interesting position-focused abilities. Most players have never tried him for even a millisecond but are already interested in what heroes are coming later on.

Game Director Aaron Keller has provided some answers to these hero inquiries.

Overwatch 2 Is Getting More Support Heroes

Overwatch 2 has a road map with an abundance of hero plans. This includes the already released Kiriko and Ramattra, a support and tank hero respectively. The next hero is Lifeweaver, another support.

It seems like developers are still focused on the support hero category. The meta has changed dramatically since the removal of one tank per team, becoming more aggressive and mobile than ever before. This has left a lot of support feeling squishy and left behind, with support players voicing frustration with the game.

It looks like developers are taking this feedback very seriously.

“Lifeweaver is the fifth new hero for Overwatch 2. The following hero, slated for Season Six, will also be a support,” Keller said.

Keller explained that there were eight support heroes in the game before Lifeweaver. That’s a lot less than tanks and even less when compared to DPS heroes. The gap is simply too large, Keller said.

While this definitely makes logical sense, some Overwatch 2 players couldn’t help but feel concerned about their own role. This is something that Keller also addressed.

He said: “We don’t want to abandon either of the other two roles. We probably won’t stick to an exact formula, but we’ll be shooting to release roughly two supports to every one damage and tank hero.”

If this pattern sticks for now, it looks like we can expect a support next, and then a new DPS or support. After that, there will be two more support, followed by one more DPS or tank. It would look something like this:

  • Season 4: Support (Lifeweaver)
  • Season 6: Support
  • Season 8: DPS or tank
  • Season 10: Support
  • Season 12: Support
  • Season 14: DPS or tank

This might seem like a lot of supports but there’s definitely logic behind this choice. While there aren’t many tanks in Overwatch 2, there is only one tank per team. This means there’s a good variety to choose from since it’s only one person selecting from the tank roster. DPS heroes also have a lot of options, ranging from snipers to hackers to soldiers.

The next support may be Overlord, D.Va’s best friend. The pilot is the youngest member of the MEKA Squad. He’s known for repairing other mechs and is seen as a very helpful and caring character in D.Va’s story.

While developers have said that they don’t want to add another mech-based hero to the game, many Overwatch 2 fans still have hope that Overlord will be implemented in some way.