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Your Guide to Winning Freezethaw Elimination in Overwatch 2

Want to win in the new Freezethaw Elimination mode? Get all the tips you need to dominate this limited-time event in Overwatch 2's Winter Wonderland

Three snowy game modes returned to Overwatch 2 as part of the Winter Wonderland event. One of those events is the Freezethaw Elimination, which first appeared in 2020. If you’re not familiar with this game mode, here is how to compete and win.

What Is Freezethaw Elimination in Overwatch 2?

Freezethaw Elimination is a 4v4 mode where the goal is to freeze the other team completely.

In Freezethaw, you are left frozen instead of eliminated when your health runs out. When frozen, your surviving teammates can still thaw you by touching you. This will bring you back into the game.

The first team to be completely frozen loses.

how to win Freezethaw Elimination

Freezethaw Elimination Guide For Overwatch 2

Looking to excel in Freezethaw Elimination? While seemingly straightforward, there are some tips and tricks for being the last team standing.

The first tip is to stick together. Similar to most Overwatch 2 modes, being super spread out is not the play. Not only will you be able to have better synergy and strategy together, but you will also have a much easier time unthawing teammates this way.

For example, if you are a Widowmaker and swung to higher ground but end up eliminated while exposed up on top of a rooftop, your teammates won’t be able to unthaw you very easily. They will end up risking getting frozen themselves if they try.

For this reason, opt for heroes that excel in a group setting. Think DPS that don’t go sneaking off on their own like Widowmaker, Tracer, or Sombra. Instead, consider Soldier: 76, Sojourn, and other high-damage heroes that stick to their teams more consistently.

When it comes to priorities, you should usually try to unthaw allies instead of trying to freeze enemies. If you have multiple frozen teammates, try to unthaw the support hero first. This will allow you to have backup while you try to find other frozen teammates or attempt to take on the enemy team.

Something important to keep in mind: While you can pick whatever hero you want regardless of class, you will not be able to select that hero again if you win a round. This means you’ll need to pick a different hero for the next round, so create teams wisely. Consider the map you’re on as well as the other heroes on the team.

Once you win three rounds, you win Freezethaw Elimination. You’ll get extra XP and progress in the Freezethaw Elimination challenge.