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Overwatch League’s Summer Stage is coming and it’s bringing more than high-level competitive action. If you tune in to watch your favorite teams compete, you can also get free Overwatch League skins.

Overwatch League Summer Stage is starting July 13 and lasts until September. During this time, you can get free Overwatch League skins for two heroes, Widowmaker and D.Va. Both popular heroes will get two skins each, one for Home and one for Away.

How to Unlock Free Overwatch League Summer Stage Skins

To unlock the free skins, you simply have to watch the OWL Summer Stage. If you watch for six total hours, you’ll earn the Widowmaker skins and if you watch 10 total hours, you’ll also get D.Va’s two skins.

The Overwatch League is streaming on YouTube, so you’ll need to watch the matches on YouTube to earn the skins.

Overwatch League YouTube Skins

If you are watching the OWL on YouTube, connect your and YouTube accounts. This will enable YouTube drops. Then, just watch for enough hours to get the free skins!

  • Head to the OWL rewards page
  • Log into your account on that page
  • Go to YouTube’s Connected Apps section
  • Connect your account
  • Watch Overwatch League Summer Stage matches for up to 10 hours

Remember that you will need to watch the direct stream on the official YouTube account for the Overwatch League. Watching embedded players or using the YouTube app on your TV will not be eligible for rewards.

The response to the rewards has been mixed. A lot of esports fans questioned why the Overwatch League is still on YouTube. Some even said they’d probably pass on the skins if it meant watching on YouTube.

The Overwatch League notoriously lost a massive amount of views when Blizzard decided to switch from Twitch to YouTube. This is due to YouTube’s lower streaming quality and a lack of other initiatives and engagement opportunities that are on Twitch.

Unfortunately, Blizzard has a multi-year deal with YouTube so it continued to stream Overwatch League on YouTube despite the negative feedback. The Overwatch League has continued to be a money pit for Blizzard, so it’s not surprising that they took a deal from YouTube to stream exclusively at that time.

So if you want some free skins, you may want to head over to YouTube anyway and snag four limited-time skins for Widowmaker and D.Va. The flashy gray skins are definitely appealing but it’s unclear if it will make esports fans trudge over to YouTube.