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Mauga Gets Buffed and Overwatch 2 Players Are Concerned

Mauga has been tweaked. Again. Here's the latest patch notes on the new Overwatch 2 Hero

In the most recent Overwatch 2 update, Mauga was added to competitive mode. But with that, developers have updated the Samoan tank once more in hopes of creating a balance on the roster.

Mauga was initially nerfed just a week after his release due to player complaints. Meant to be very aggressive in his playstyle, a lot of gamers found him a bit oppressive. Mauga would rush into the enemy frontlines and then soak up damage while dealing massive damage himself.

Mauga keeps getting changes

To combat this, developers reduced his weapon damage and ensured it would take more shots to ignite enemies.

“Mauga is intended to be an aggressive, high-damage output tank as he offers less in defense to his team compared with other tank options and doesn’t have great mobility. We’re lowering Mauga’s weapon damage in general, which will help with some of this where it can feel extreme at times,” developers wrote on Reddit at the time.

Apparently, this wasn’t enough and developers have made even bigger changes in the latest patch.

Mauga Changes in Overwatch 2 December 19 Patch

The most recent patch in Overwatch 2 was focused almost solely on Mauga. Here are the changes that were made this time around:


  • Mauga is now available in Competitive Play for players who unlocked him
  • Base health decreased from 350 to 250
  • Base armor increased from 150 to 250

Incendiary and Volatile Chainguns

  • Number of shots with the Incendiary Chaingun to ignite enemies reverted from 15 to 10
  • Spread decreased from 1.1 to 1 when only one Chaingun is active


  • Overhealth conversion rate increased from 50% to 60%

Overwatch 2 Players Respond to Mauga Buff

Overwatch 2 players have responded with concern to the recent Mauga update. On Reddit, many expressed that the tank is a “must-pick” after the recent changes.

While some feel Mauga is too tanky and others feel he must be healed constantly, everyone agreed that he controls the gameplay in general and it’s not fun to play against him. It’s still a debate whether or not he is OP but most Overwatch players have agreed that he makes the game “not fun” either way.

Only time will tell how Mauga will truly play in competitive games, especially in higher ranks.