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Overwatch 2 is bursting with an ever-growing colorful cast of heroes that all have distinct personalities and abilities. But who cares about meta and ultimate synergies and blah blah blah. We are here for the lore, the relationships, the romance.

Overwatch 2 has been criticized in the past for being a bit sneaky with its love stories. But we want these ships to be loud and proud. Bring on the in-game interactions, the comics, the shorts… Let’s even make some limited time arcade modes about it, sure!

Enjoy reading this list but remember that it’s actually for Blizzard. So Blizzard, we hope you are reading.

Bunnyribbit: D.Va and Lucio

Oh my effin’ lord! How long do we have to ask for this!? Ever since the OG Overwatch launched in 2016, players have been begging for D.Va and Lucio to get together. MAKE BUNNYRIBBIT HAPPEN! WHY ARE YOU SO AFRAID TO LET IT HAPPEN?

D.Va and Lucio are both bubbly and positive heroes that are super passionate about what they do. Plus, they are both famous and know the frustrations and complications that come with being a celebrity. D.Va is known for her world-saving as well as her pro gaming career while Lucio is an international DJ. Both have complimented each other’s work but Blizzard hasn’t done anything further to hint at a relationship.

Bunnyribbit is popular with fans because the two have a relatable and casual relationship where they aren’t afraid to be themselves. Both love to poke fun at each other and wear each other’s clothes. Ug, it’s so wholesome.

Mercymaker: Mercy and Widowmaker

Mercy and Widowmaker are both no-nonsense characters but couldn’t be any more different in their worldview and personalities. Mercy is a biologist focused on healing her teammates while Widowmaker is an emotionless killer reconditioned by Talon.

In cannon, Mercy and Widowmaker don’t interact too often although they probably are aware of each other’s existence. But what makes this ship popular is the concept of Mercy getting to know Widowmaker, gaining her trust, and slowly healing her trauma. This would allow Widowmaker to become herself again and leave her evil motives behind.

This is a passionate relationship that is all about trust, patience, and understanding. It’s a more mature ship that may not have the goofy sparks of Bunnyribbit but has the right amount of emotional moments and heated arguments to make it steamy and heartbreaking all at the same time.

Oristion: Orisa and Bastion

This non-binary ship is focused on two of the more wholesome Overwatch heroes overcoming their programming to find a real connection.

Bastion is the last of his kind, an omnic from the first crisis that was left to rust away in the woods before he was awakened by a small bird. He fights his original programming to become peaceful. Meanwhile, Orisa was created by Efi Oladele from the remains of a vicious OR15 unit. But she was given a personality core and more protective nature.

Both of these robots have more than metal and sprockets in common. Both want peace despite their original intentions. While Orisa’s programming would have her take down Bastion in a normal circumstance, she has recognized in-game that he’s not an enemy. In the fan ship of the two bots, Orisa continues to realize Bastion’s caring nature as he learns more about love and other emotions.

Fans often draw Orisa and Bastion doing cute things together as they learn what it means to truly be in love. They can be seen laying in the grass along with Bastion’s bird or interacting with music instead of language.

Somva: Sombra and D.Va

D.Va is back but this time she’s romantically paired up with Sombra. This interesting relationship starts with both heroes clashing over how they choose to spend their time online. In the game, D.Va has expressed disdain over Sombra’s hacking. A voice line states that it gives “real gamers a bad name.” But Sombra explains she’s not that kind of hacker.

Fans immediately jumped on this interaction, imagining that Sombra and D.Va met online. Both heroes seem like they could be chronically online — although for different reasons. But their paths cross. At first, they don’t like each other but D.Va is able to bring out Sombra’s soft side by teaching her to play video games.

With D.Va, Sombra feels like she can let her guard down. She often portrays herself as cold and uncaring with people she meets. Sombra and D.Va both have sassy and sarcastic personalities, so things can sometimes get a bit heated. Sometimes they will even argue about Sombra’s profession and her viewpoints. But the two always come back together when they want to escape the chaos around them and be with someone who understands them on another level.

McHanzo: Hanzo and Cassidy

The Overwatch 2 fandom is going to literally explode — spontaneously combust even — if this ship doesn’t become reality. Nothing is steamier and more sensual than the ship between Hanzo and Cassidy. The ones in our minds, but still…

Cassidy is one of the founders of the Deadlock gang who briefly joined Blackwatch to avoid prison before becoming a bounty hunter. He eventually found his way to Overwatch when Winston invited him. Meanwhile, Hanzo is the heir to the Shimada family, haunted by his almost fatal confrontation with his younger brother Genji.

The two haven’t really met in the game’s lore but have a lot of in-game interactions. And most of them are actually a bit negative. At one point, Hanzo even tells Cassidy that he has “unsophisticated taste” when he doesn’t like sake. A more tantalizing taunt comes when Hanzo eliminates Cassidy, saying “good looks are not enough.”

So… It’s confirmed? Hanzo finds Cassidy hot? The two flirt nonstop in various game modes, clearly getting quite snappy and judgy of each other over their differences in playstyle and history. The ship is based on their personality traits, with both heroes turning good after a life of crime.

Just like the two had to overcome their hardships and bad choices in life, they also have to become more vulnerable when it comes to love. Cassidy and Hanzo start off just negging each other and picking at each other but soon learn that they have to accept each other’s flaws if they want to be more than a quick fling.

And let’s be real — Hanzo and Cassidy are both smoking hot. Isn’t that enough? Blizzard???

Honorable Mentions

Pharmercy: Pharah and Mercy

It sort of feels like this is only a thing because Mercy loves to pocket heal Pharah in-game. But is there any real chemistry here? It’d be hot, there’s no doubt. But we don’t think this relationship would last.

Gency: Genji and Mercy

Damn, can you leave my girl Mercy alone for just one second? Can a girl be single? Anyway, this spells situationship all over it. The joke is that Genji spams “I need healing.” But in reality, he’s nowhere to be found. This feels like that one relationship we’ve all experienced where the guy begged and begged to date and then became distant once we actually started to like him back. Just me? Ug.

Reaper76: Reaper and Soldier: 76

Soldier: 76 deserves love, especially after the heartbreaking reveal of his former partner. But we don’t see it with Reaper. Both are older. Both are negative. But is that enough to have a real relationship? This screams rebound. I think Reaper and Soldier: 76 would be better as FWBs.

McAsh: Cassidy and Ash

Ug, so predictable. This could work. But it’d be like that couple on Facebook that posts about their engagement and everyone just groans. Like, alright, cute stolen diamond ring. Moving on.