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The Midseason Madness marks the end of the spring season for both regions. At Midseason Madness, teams from the East and West will clash for the first time this year after making it through the Knockout bracket, which also includes Contenders teams that qualified through the Spring Stage Opens.

Where Is the Midseason Madness?

This year, Midseason Madness will be held in Seoul, South Korea at the Korea International Exhibition Center (KINTEX). The event takes place from June 16 to June 18. At this stage, six teams will be competing for a $900,000 prize pool.

This is the first time that the Overwatch League will host a LAN event in the APAC region!

Can I Attend Midseason Madness?

Tickets for the Midseason Madness tournament will go on sale May 15. But tickets will be limited — KINTEX’s 10B Hall has a max capacity of 3,075 people.

Who Is Competing at Midseason Madness?

The teams that get to compete at Midseason Madness are considered the best of the spring season. This includes:

  • Top 2 teams from West Spring Stage Qualifiers
  • Top 2 teams from West Spring Stage Knockouts
  • Top 2 teams from East Spring Stage Knockouts

So who should you expect to see there? From the east, Houston Outlaws, Toronto Defiant, Florida Mayhem, and LA Gladiators are the teams to watch after the Pro-AM. In the west, fans are rooting for Chengdu Hunters, Dallas Fuel (largely due to Choi "Hanbin" Han-been), and possibly a Contenders team might make the cut.

What Is the Overwatch League Schedule?

There are eight weeks of the “regular” Overwatch League season, which started April 27. It’s split into two regions: the Spring Stage Qualifiers East and Spring Stage Qualifiers West.

At the end of those eight weeks is the Midseason Madness, held in South Korea. This is followed by the playoffs, which are currently still a bit of a mystery. The date and location have not been revealed just yet.

For now, fans are excited about the Midseason Madness event and to see which region comes out on top. Teams will be clawing their way to the top each week in hopes of qualifying for the event, so stay tuned here