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A rare skin has returned to Overwatch 2.

Subaquatic Zenyatta has appeared in the in-game store. This is the first time fans have seen this coveted skin since it first appeared in Overwatch 1, featuring Zenyatta in a bronze, vintage-inspired diving outfit complete with an eerie glowing helmet.

When Subaquatic Zenyatta was in Overwatch 1, it was only there for a limited time. Players could only get the Epic skin as a reward for the second Weekly Challenge during the Overwatch Archives event. This meant that not everyone was able to get their hands on this highly coveted skin.

Unfortunately, if you want Subaquatic Zenyatta this time around, you’ll need to shell out 1,100 Overwatch Coins for the Subaquatic Zenyatta bundle. You’ll need to pay $20 for 2,000 Overwatch Coins, with Blizzard cleverly making it 100 more than 1,000, which is $10 to purchase. This isn’t as ideal, but this is how most cosmetics have been in Overwatch 2.

While paying for a skin isn’t ideal for some, Overwatch 2 fans are still excited about seeing an old Weekly Challenge skin returning. It has given players hope that other limited-time Epic skins will come back, including Cyber Ana and Snow Angel Mercy.

“Genuinely I’ve always advocated for them returning since any event Epic skin shouldn’t be treated like some rare thing when they used to just be always obtainable,” one player said on Blizzard’s forums.

Others, however, felt that it wasn’t fair to players who had the original skins. Once seen as a “status symbol” of sorts to show that you had a good skin collection or had beaten Weekly Challenges, now gamers who missed out will be able to just buy whatever old Epic skin they want if more show up in the store.

The thought of more OG skins appearing in Overwatch 2 brought up some other concerns from Overwatch fans. Some said that the quality of the skins has improved significantly in the sequel, making the older Overwatch 1 skins a bit underwhelming. One player said they’d need a visual upgrade to fit in with the other skins and be worth purchasing.

Either way, it seems that the cosmetics in Overwatch 2 have been a continued source of excitement for players in general. It hasn’t been great to buy cosmetics and battle passes in Overwatch 2, but sometimes it’s worth it if you want a particularly special or visually appealing skin. Overwatch has a lot of those — and many more to come (back) it seems.