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The Top 10 Pokémon we want to see in Unite in 2024

This year is starting off strong with Gyarados coming to Unite, but some of these could be even better. Here's a list of Pokemon that need to join Pokemon Unite

This year is starting off in such a strong fashion with the addition of Gyrados. And clearly with a Pokémon like that being added to the game the sky's the limit for other possibilities. We narrowed it down to our Top 10 and tried to give a decent spread of Class, Generation, and Typing. 

10. Maushold

Maushold in pokemon scarlet & violet

Maushold is one of the most adorable Pokémon ever invented, and that alone could be an argument for them to be on this list. However, Maushold could actually slot in nicely to a much-needed spot in Unite’s roster, Support. While Maushold fills a more damage-focused role in VGC its moveset could be translated into a disrupting/supportive set in Unite. Moves like “Helping hand”, “Charm” or “Encore” could all be used in a supportive fashion, and “Population Bomb” could fill the damage side for more aggro-focused support players.

9. Armarouge/Ceruledge

Armarouge and Ceruledge

The introduction of Scyther/Scizor opened up a very interesting concept of split evolutions based on what move you select. The best Pokémon to take advantage of that would be Charcadet. Evolving into Armarouge if you select “Armor Cannon” and Ceruledge if you select “Bitter Blade”. Armarouge would work best as an “Attacker” class Pokémon focusing on long-range damage and damage over time effects. 

Ceruledge would fit better as an “All Rounder” because of the melee nature of the design and Bitter Blade could be a lifesteal style move to mimic its VGC design. Evolution has always been a unique MOBA concept in Unite and we want to see more Pokémon utilize that design creatively in the future.

8. Togekiss

Togekiss smiling

Another support makes the list! Togekiss is a fan favorite Pokémon and honestly could work in either the support or attacker role. But as mentioned previously the lack of supports has us imagining the Gen 4 Fairy/Flying type in a support role. The biggest difficulty this Pokémon would have being a supporter is the fact they have 2 stages to evolve from. Currently, no supporters in the game have that challenge. If Togekiss was to enter the game this way it would need to be the first late-game-focused support. A challenge we think Togekiss can handle with flying colors.

7. Flygon

Flygon roaring

Fans of The Indigo Disk DLC for Scarlet and Violet know the joy of seeing the big bug-looking, (not a bug type), dragon wandering around so why not give that to Unite players as well? With options like “Sandstorm”, “Earth Power”, and “Dragon Breath” Flygon could be a very aggressive Pokémon in Unite. If Unite wanted to focus on bulk they could add Flygon as a Defender, but Attacker or All rounder both could work. Honestly, the flexibility of this Pokémon makes it hard to guess what the game will do with them if they ever make their way into Unite.

6. Ampharos

For number 6 on this list we are going with a clear-cut attacker in Ampharos. Electric types are shockingly, sorry, lacking in Unite at the moment with only Pikachu and Zeraora having that type. Ampharos’s move pool leads us to believe that it would be focused on attacking from range with moves like “Zap Cannon” or “Thunder”. However, Where things could get interesting with this Pokémon is actually in Mareep and Flaffy. Moves like “Cotton Guard” or “Cotton Spore” could give them some defense in the early game, protecting them from Attackers' natural counters in Speedsters. Late game powerhouse with a safe early game? Sounds like an incredible addition.

5. Aggron

Aggron roaring in pokemon anime

Few things scream “tank” like gigantic metal kaiju which is also made of rock. Therefore we think Aggron would be a great fit for a Unite Defender. While the “Big Boys Stomping Around” theme has already been done a few times in Unite, Mamoswine and Tyranitar, we think there is space for one more. In terms of gameplay we would love to see Aggron create areas that impede movement and of course some powerful brawling moves.

4. Latios or Latias

Legendary Pokémon are a sore subject among Unite players these days. Despite that, there are some Pokémon who are just too good to not be included on this list. In particular, The Gen 3 Legendary, Latios or Latias would be a fantastic option for Unite. Given that they resemble fighter jets, speedster feels like a given role for either of these Pokémon. A speedy assassin that hits from range would be an interesting style that we do not have represented on any speedster at the moment. Breaking away from the traditional style of melee speedsters feels like an eventual given, and Latios or Latias makes perfect sense to do just that.

3. Empoleon

Empoleon from Pokemon Anime

It is a crime that Pokémon Unite does not have a single Gen 4 starter Pokémon on the roster yet. And while any of the three would be excellent choices, Empoleon is the one to make our list. The Water/Steel type stands out as an excellent option for Unite because of its Uniqueness. While Unite is not lacking for All Rounders on the lineup, Empoleon could fit a new niche of the crowd-control-focused brawler. 

“Bubble Beam” and “Blizzard” could both act as moves that slow down targets and “Metal Claw” for damage. Where things could get interesting though is Empoleon’s VGC ability “Defiant”.In the video game Defiant increases stats instead of lowering them, Unite could have similar effects just on a temporary scale. Sp. Def lowered by Wigglytuff’s Sing? No problem, Defiant just boosted your Sp.Def. All that being said, starter Pokémon in Unite have not gotten their Hidden abilities from VGC but on this list we’re choosing to dream.

2. Iron Valiant

Iron Valiant tera raid

Enter the Paradox Pokémon! With this new regional gimmick of past and future Pokémon a plethora of viable Unite candidates have emerged. But in our opinion, Iron Valiant is one of the best. With Gardevoir being already in the game the chances of ever seeing Gallade are slim to none. However, a brand new Pokémon that shares a look with Gardevoir, and has a more in-your-face style of play is still possible thanks to Iron Valiant! 

Not only is Iron Valiant incredibly cool looking, it also comes with the added benefit of being a single stage Pokémon, not needing to evolve. This mechanically is a huge plus for Pokémon in Unite. Not being held to a low level because you need to farm to evolve completely changes and bolsters a Pokémon’s early game. An argument could be made for Speedster or All Rounder when it comes to Iron Valiant but stylistically it feels like a speedster.

1. Tinkaton


It is time to break the curse. The curse which we are referring to is of course the fact that no Pokémon who has been added to the game as a “wild” Pokémon has made it to the roster. Tinkaton has been added to the game in the wave defense mode “Panic Parade”. Which for any other Pokémon it feels like a write off. However, Tinkaton is one of the most popular Gen 9 Pokémon and has a giant hammer. If those two facts are not enough to break the curse then nothing is. This Pokémon also bears a striking resemblance to another extremely popular League of Legends champion, Poppy. Poppy’s ability to send enemies flying with their giant hammer is what we are looking to see on Tinkaton’s kit.